AVBCW: The Bridge Over the River Wye: 3 Links….

Here’s Rob’s commentary and pictures on the game.

We also got Tango’d…on TMP

Here’s JP’s latest update on the game and also the map.

AVBCW: The Bridge Over the River Wye AAR IV

Now the Anglicans spring their surprise – they have crossed the river using the secret tunnel to Foy !

The Fascist forces re-organise to this surprise attack !


Two steam powered trucks, with a line of Anglicans in front of them. Yes, Captain Arrowsmith is not with us, but Scott is channeling his presence, so he went “off road“…

I allowed every model a 2d6 move to get out of the way…then the trucks rolled in and each model an additional d6 (1) to avoid being squished….

And then made them roll for damage to the trucks !
Both were knocked out of action…

So after losing 5 men to the off roading trucks, the Anglicans lined up and riddled the trucks with bullets.

AVBCW: The Bridge Over The River Wye AAR III

Sir Guy’s troops deploy:

A steam truck compete with milk churns – filled with explosives !

Lets hope they are not lactose intolerant !

Meanwhile, at Foy the Anglican cavalry try and force the bridge with high casualties.

The Baron of Foy and his Royalist lackeys have employed the local poachers who hid in the field with their shotguns…

At the Bridge, Sir Guy’s forces swarm over the bridge despite the artillery and mortar fire. Their steam powered truck delivered the milk churns and the troops bravely carried on to the other side to ensure the bridge was destroyed.

AVBCW: The Bridge Over the River Wye AAR II


The fascists deploy.

The Royalists deplpy.

The Anglican’s charge across the bridge into a hail of lead…

The lackeys of the Royalists are waiting with Shotguns…

With the first wave defeated, more are sent across the river including a Bren Gun Universal Carrier…

AVBCW: The Bridge Over the River Wye AAR I

Sir Guy:

“Gentlemen, this will be a glorious day!
Before us we have our enemy, the fascists.
They are foolish.
They are feeble.
They are the whipping dogs of foreign powers.
Well today, we shall whip those dogs.
We shall send them running all the way back to Florence,
with their tails between their legs.
Gentlemen, for God and for England!”


“For God and for England!”


The Farm…Doug Cowie, owner of EM-4 the owner/producer was in attendance and got barracked about taking orders…he could have sold another half dozen easily…as one gent said I would have to clean the drool off of the model…

The escarpment from the Hole-In-The-Wall:

The Bridge:

The main bridge as strengthened by the evil Baron of Foy !

From the west:

The after game Curry & Drinks

Note the empty glasses ! 😉

AVBCW: Herefordian factions

More updates to the factions playing on Saturday at the Big Game: The Bridge Over the River Wye.

Roo has his background done I know, just one left to go.

Should be a good game with such excellent backgrounds, and yes some factions are getting special rules.

In the meantime I am working on six foots worth of hedge – yes really six foots worth because when you have two 10×6 tables that goes nowhere fast.

Oh and best of all, I visited the dentist, the one who describes my mouth as boring, because he has nothing to do, and yes it is still boring he had nothing to do. A full head of gnashers is intact with no dentures, fillings or any other stuff. So beware if I am turned into a zombie, because my bite is going to be viscous. 😉

AVBCW: The Bridge Over the River Wye…III

A bit of digital dieting ove rthe last few days so I can complete some more scenery for the AVBCW Big Game I’m running on Saturday.

This is more intersting – Byakhee Stuart has finished off an old Citadel Nippon Rocket launcher and crew.

I suppose I ought to pull my finger out and finish off a Hobgoblin one !

In the meantime, adjustments have been made to the pages for Bridge Over the River Wye.

Pirates !

Avast ye bilge rats, it’s International Talk Like A Pirate Day !

So get talking the lingo, or I’ll keelhaul you all.

The Official Site is here.

In the mean time here are some pirates I painted about 12 years ago. Mostly Foundry sculpted by Will Hannah:

The Captain and First Mates.

The crew, these figures I used for a Mordheim gang. The old Town Cryer magazine had alternate warband rules including some Pirate rules.

Knife thrower, seivel gun, and one of the original Citadel priates by the Perry twins (most of the set are now sold via Foundry).

Some ladies. And according to historical sources, may often have gone for the Page 3 look in battle to denote their gender !

Painted in reds and yellows, so quite different from my usual fare, and at the beginning of getting back into painting figures so a bit crude by my current standardds, but certainly good enough to field today.

A useful guide from Osprey.

Now I’m off for a bit to listen to Ramming Speed by the March Violets, a gothic sea shanty.

AVBCW: Pastoral Scenery

In prparation for the 28th, I’ve been doing some more scenery. More hedges, stiles and gates:

Gate, stile and shed by Warbases.

Whilst putting together yet more stuff, JP and I have been advising some of the new players on how to put together their forces and write up their background. Here’s a suggestion (NB: non-PC):

Jimmy’s charatcer was expanded in the obscure “Fairly Secret Army” that ran on the BBC for two series in the mid 1980’s.

Hedge on the left is K&M, middle one is a Warbases stile with an unknown hedge section from Hereford Model Centre, and the one of the right is from Products for Wargamers.

Bit of a cock-up on the marketing front*

I bought some hedges at Colours 2013 from K&M which is a subsidiary of PECO the model railway company.

I’ve known about PECO for many many years as my father is a model railway enthusiast, and they’re a relatively big company not far off the size of Hornby et al. So I wasn’t surprised when I was handed a glossy 4 page A4 flier plus current price list at the show.

What did surprise me was when I went to order some more of the hedges yesterday, was that the web address listed lead me to a web site with NO WEBSTORE.

Shurely shome mishtake ?

The contact details were equally opaque, and it was only when I got through to a human being, that I found that there was a web store, its at: http://www.pecopublications.co.uk/shophtml

The member of staff was most apologetic and confirmed I wasn’t the only one to have reported this obvious fault in how they market their goods.

So please companies, KISS, have a single web front end that leads to all of your web sites as us simple stupid punters need a helping hand to part with our money !

At the end of the day it was a success as I have ordered yet more hedges of varying sizes for the 28th ! 🙂

* A play on A bit of a cock up on the catering front from Reggie Perrin: