AVBCW: This Sceptered Isle – 2

The table was set up on an 8×4′ board.

With the three farms.

We diced for which side we’d set up on.

MHC ready to go over the top and secure a farm. I refgused one flank, as did JP.

The rest of my forces massed behind tghe second farm and on the road that bisected the board.

“Black short knees Sir, thhaasands of them !

Yes hundreds of gnarly knobbly fascist knees exposed by shorts or kilts were arrianged against the MHC, along with 20 Cavalry ! (I really must get my MHC cavalry painted!)

The armoured cars squared off against each other on the road.

The BUF had an anti tank device apparently…personally I claimed it was a baloon on a stick…filled with the hot air from the BUF leadership.

The BUF cavalry make a diversionary move, against the MHC unit occupying the first farm – I had to hedge my bets and leave a second unit close at hand. I’d hoped the cavalry would come across the field and my Lanchester A/C would machine gun them, so that two was diverted.

The remaining A/Cs duked it out along the road, with me getting the upper hand at first. This allowed my other troops to enter the second farm yard, and take up positions opposite the BUF for a firefight which continued for the rest of the game.

AVBCW: This Sceptered Isle – 1

Byakhee JP & I had a game on Saturday – a nice break from campaigning. We used the scenario that the AVBCW community are using to form a national campaign: VBCW 38fest 2015 The Game In the east Red Force, in the West Blue Force. To control the Fosseway both side must hold the 3 farms on the Foss. In the north Bridge Farm, the centre, Grange Farm and Brookfield Farm is in the south. Both Red and Blue Forces plan to send small forces forward to take the farms before the big battle starts. Any player or group of players fights a battle for 1 or more of the farms and tells us who won, Red or Blue. They can fight it in any scale and with any size force, all we need to know is who won. We add up the results and the winners for each farm hold it when we do the big game at Partizan. In one of the farms there is a part of the Crown Jewels collection, laying hidden, so at the end of the game, the players can roll to see which farm it is in and whoever controls the farm also has procession of a part of the Crown Jewels. Waterloo_Terrain1 Obviously we amended the background so that is was a downed plane somewwhere near the Malverns.

The story so far:- Communist agitators have raided the Tower of London. Whilst the attack was easily beaten off, it was enough to rattle the King, who, without consulting Prime Minister Mosley, has ordered that the Crown Jewels be split up and sent by diverse routes to his residence in Madresfield. Alas many of these packages have become lost on the way, causing factions throughout the country to seek, locate and squabble over the contents.

Within spitting distance of Madresfield, a portion of the Crown Jewels has been discovered near the Malverns in Herefordshire. Their location has been narrowed down to three farms and the Malvern Hills Conservators, eager to show their loyalty to the King, have decided to retrieve them. However the local chapter of Blackshorts, keen to enhance their prestige, are also searching for the jewels. Thus these hypothetical allies renew their rivalry and clash once more.

The Pyscho Killer lives Next Door

Yes the election has been taking up all my time, but I did have an AVBCW game game today with Byakhee JP.

So more to come.

In the meantime, I caught Timmy our village’s nuisance cat.

For three hours. 😉

Neither of us were best pleased.





Psychokiller psychokiller
You get me hot
Then you leave me cold
This game’s getting old
And here’s another grave in a basement

And here’s another
Case to be closed
One more red night
Of roses

One more mob under torchlight
Looking – everywhere
But under – their noses

And the psychokiller who lives next door
Washes the car, mows the lawn
Takes the dog out for a walk
It’s nothing personal
The psychokiller who lives next door
Washes the car, mows the lawn
Takes the dog out for a walk
Sees you’re all alone
And it’s one more red night of roses

Was it someone you knew
Stops to chat buys a map
Feeds the birds by the lake
Smiles and waves at the officers
In the park so ordinary
The psychokiller who lives next door
Washes the car, mows the lawn
Takes the dog out for a walk
Sees you’re all alone
And it’s one more red night of roses

One more red night of roses