Byakhees are the people I game with, or have gamed with in the past 35 years.

A byakhee is a winged “thing” standing over seven feet in height. It is often described as bat-like. The byakhee has two legs, two clawed arms and a broad set of bat-like wings. It is dark in color and covered in fur. Byakhee exist to serve Hastur.

Known Byakhees include:

  • Anthony
  • Gav A
  • Gav H
  • Jim
  • JP
  • Rich
  • Roughage
  • Scott
  • Stuart P
  • Tom V.

For a variety of reasons, none of them will be pictured directly, mostly so that small children, old ladies and those of a nervous disposition are not unduly frightened.

You’ll be reading about their/our misadventures…

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