Here be Treasure 2

In advance of FrostFayre 2017 I bought some more treasure tokens, just as well with 7 players, and the usual 3 treasure tokens per player I’d need 21 tokens. Add on the Fools Gold, and Reveal secret options and we’re looking at nearly 30 tokens,

Now, I’d already got a fair number of treasure tokens, as described here, but thought I needed more.

So I set about painting up another set of tokens from Ristul’s, available in the UK via the dice bag lady (Bad Squiddo).

Good job I invested in a KR Multicase just for treasure tokens this summer !
I now have loads of tokens for different games.

The photos are a bit dark and I can’t photograph all of the items I have – they’re very good tokens from Ristuls and I have more from Citadel and Foundry, as today is the Winter Solstice and there is SFA light.

Renovations, again…more old Mordheim card stock scenery

Back in the good old days…

The original box set came with this card stock central pillar that could act as a focus point in a game.

As you can see it’s rather worse for wear after 18 years of use and abuse.

the base is only raised up by about 5mm, and the central pillar sits within it, but has inevitably sagged downwards.

So to make it more robust, I prepared a proper base, which would be flanked on all sides by about an inch with my regular paving slabs.

And then a pile of card offcuts to sit underneath and within the pillar’s base to support it so it doesn’t sag as much.

Ta – da !
I also added some skulls from the GW skeleton sprue to cover up some of the damage that had occurred over the years.

Now this can sit in the middle of a square for the FrostFayre 2017 game and I won’t have to worry about ti falling apart.

Dates for the Diaries – AVBCW & Frostgrave – Hereford 2018

The AVBCW TNG guys (Clive & Roo) were in contact today, with updates on two new AVBCW Big Games planned for 2018, so if you’re in the West Midlands region and can get to Hereford, here are some dates for the diaries:

– FrostFayre 29/12/2017

– AVBCW 17/03/2018 – 6th Anniversary extravanganza !

– AVBCW October 2018

Yes it is SIX years since JP and I held our first AVBCW Big Game in Burley Gate Village Hall.

We have handed over to “The Next Generation”, but are being welcomed back (as ever) to be special guest stars at the March game.

If you want to attend any of the three events listed above, make a comment below and I’ll put you in contact with the right people (Clive, Roo, and me).

Some boards are more equal than other boards

Typically, I only have two 2×4′ boards with me, so now I have 7 players for the 29th FrostFayre gaming session, I had to get extra boards.

After the car was fixed from the garage, B&Q beckoned, and I got two more 2×4′ boards.

Given the sunny weather and no sign of rain, I painted them.

I have managed to keep my special paint pots out of storage, so the paint I use for my scenery pieces, is the same as the stuff I have to paint the boards, (LHS) which was intentional.

In the strong sunlight the emulsion paint dried quickly.

Just as well, because within an hour all three cats had used these exciting new especially installed cat ramps to come up from the lawn on to the patio. :-/

So once dry I hauled them inside to lean them up against my two existing boards…to find that:
(a) they were longer, and
(b) they were wider.

Seems like there has been a change in supplier of change in measurement units used (Imperial > SI) so they are ever so slightly different sizes. Must be my fault, I bought the original two at the back, sometime in 2000/2001…

I am NOT going to buy yet another two boards, when I have other boards the same size in storage !

Just goes to show how even mundane items change and you can’t rely on suppliers to be consistent.

Sinister Magic Fountains

With spare 10mm thick foam board to hand, Alternative Armies announced a re-issue of a resin scenery piece -the death’s head fountain. Too good to miss.

So I had an idea about a double sided wall with a fountain open both sides, both to acts as break to LOS on the board, and also suggest there might be something magical about them.

Despite my best efforts, carving up the foam board gave a lumpy top to it – a central 10mm piece, and two flanking 10mm pieces each, with a niche in the middle for the fountains.

So the top and ends got a dose of filler to even things out. The top also had a card walkway added just for good measure, and to enable derring do as models duel on top !

Here it is.

The depth of the fountain pool, and the fact that the wall itself is 30mm thick, mean it isn’t just another wall like I produced previously.

So for the FrostFayre game I’ll be thinking up some special rules for th4e fountains, maybe opposing schools of magic based on who gets there first ? Drinking from the fountain may give casting benefits etc….

More Walls

Ages ago I did up half a dozen walls for when wizards raise this magical barrier. As FrostFayre 2017 grew to seven players, I thought I might need half a dozen more, so I set about making some more.

This wasn’t so easy.

Of the three local art shops I contacted/visited, none had 10mm thick foam board, and two were not willing to order it. The third, in a different city, said they would have to order it from head office and it’d take a fortnight.

No thanks !

So I hit Amazon and had a box of A3 sheets delivered within 2 days. No contest, no wonder local shops are going out of business. 😦

So I knocked out half a dozen walls, with three designs to make them a bit different from each other.

And whilst I was at it, I knocked out 6 more for Alan and Jon (each)…so 18 walls in total.

(Ulterior Motive:- I don’t have to drag my scenery around with me when going to their gaffs.)

This still left me with more 10mm thick card left over, and then Alternative Armies re-released a resin scenery piece and another idea formed in my brain cell…

Busy, more ruins and empty paint pots

No update for ver a week, much like Brexit negotiations, it’s not agreed until its all agreed.

I’ve even been emptying multiple paint pots that have been around so long the plastic has perished on the top. Probably a good thing so I can have paint pots with working lids, so yes another Foundry order.

The old LOTR sprue from GW.

The “large” piece finally done, it loitered on the table for an extra week.

This should help bulk out my scenery for the games session on the 29th, which I’ll refer to as “FrostFayre 2017” from now on.

More to come.