AVBCW Hereford Spring 2016 Big Game

Byakhees JP, Roo & I are by popular request planning a Big Game session for Spring 2016.
Proposed dates are:

March 5th,
April 2nd
April 9th.

Please can you let us know which date(s) you prefer.
We will e-mail directly the usual suspects shortly.

Cost £10 per head, including buffet lunch.

The usual mayhem will commence in Burley Gate Village Hall c10am and continue through to c5pm.
After game curry at my house as usual.

I can accommodate 2 people in relative comfort, thereafter, lounge sofas and floors are the order of the day.

Scenarios and briefings are in hand and will be issued as usual before the games commence.

Xmashammer Lite 2015 – 2

But on the right flank, the flank guard defeated the Orc Wolf Riders and faced off against the Night Goblin Archers, who had also been reduced in numbers due to the Rangerererers.

The Black Orcs caved in against the Steam Juggernaut, and the Pony Express flank charged the Night Goblins.

And the Dwarves won the combat and ran down the Night Goblins and the Black Orcs, destroying the BSB – something which we often forget about.

Lone Night Goblin Fanatic whirling around on his own !

The Dwarf Flank Guard unit broke the Night Goblin archers but failed to catch them but pursued them across the battlefield.

Obviously this reversal of fortune was due to BlackJack’s superior Generalship ! 😉

But the game was not over.

Having destroyed the Dragon Guard, Harboth’s unit turned andran down the Organ Gun, but not before they held them up for a round so that my General Shambles’ unit of Quarrelrerers turned to face them.

Meanwhile the Warriorererers under One Eyed Sally held up the Savage Orcs, made them lose combat (and Frenzy) and ground them down.

Shambles and Harboth faced off and attacked each other, whilst the Steam Juggernaut flank charged harboth’s and the combination defeated Harbpoth’s.

The other combat, with the Savage Orc was finally joined by the Spider Riders who had spent two rounds squabbling (Animosity), but that ended up in a mess and the Dwarves won.

This left very few Orc or Goblin units left intact, but several Dwarf units intact.

Eventually after 6 hours and 6 rounds of hard combat the Dwarves won. A clopse battle though that had started badly for me, and then swerved back to me.

Xmashammer Lite 2015

Byakhee Gav and I had a single day game this Xmas – 3,000 points Orcs & Goblins vs Dwarves.

My Dwarf army is very “Oldhammer”. A cannon, organ gun, 20 Rangerererers, 15 Quarrellerererers, 20 Warriorerererers, 20 Dragon Company, plus the Pony Express (10 pony riders) and a Steam Juggernaut.

Vs Gav’s lot: Harboth’s Black Mountain Boys, EEza Ugezod Black Orcs, Savage Orcs, Night Goblin Spearmen, Night Goblin Archers, Spider riders and a trebuchet.

The spider riders moved into the woods as they cxan ignore difficult terrain.

But the Rangerererers defeated the Wolf Riders’ Vanguard move.

Gav one first move, and proceeded to shoot my Pony Express unit with his Spider Riders. With a 4+ armour save, what did I roll ? Yup nearly half the unit killed first round !

The Wolf Riders charged the flank guard unit, bounced off, retreated and then reformed.

In the centre, the Orc columns advanced. Gav had predicted he had little chance of good Magic Phases so had not come packing, and was vindicated.

Just short of charge range, the orcs managed to get charged by my DWarves, after they had taken a lot of damage from missile fire. The Steam Juggernaut and remaining Slayers charged into the Black Orcs, and the Juggernaut did a lot of damage.

Following up the Black Orcs, the Slayers got side charged by the Night Goblin Spearmen.

But meanwhile, the Warriorererers and Dragon Guard were charged, and the Dragon Guard failed their LD test ran away and were run down by Harboth’s Black Mountain boys.

Things were looking bad.My slayers were only just above 25%, the Dragon Guard gone, and the Pony Express was at half…

Asleep ? Or just plain Busy ?

One cat, hard asleep:

Yes it’s been quiet here – I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to edit the photos of the second Frostgrave game, three Mordheim games, and two Warhammer games I’ve fitted in in the last 4 weeks.

What hasn’t helped is the very low light levels here in the UK, which may have been referenced in the re-blog I did from “Open Mind”. It’s been raining constantly and has been generally dismal, so since putting away the paints before the Mordheim game I haven’t put brush to metal/plastic/resin at all during this time.

Xmas started a bit early for me too. Byakhee Rich not only had drilled all the AVBCW standard bearers but had picked up a water mill for me…as one’s firends naturally do.

Ziterades, which is sort of an expanded polystrene product – I’ve got other bits from them, but this is a corker and ideal for both AVBCW and fantasy game boards.

Needs painting however, and of course a scenic board to ensure the water wheel is in a proper watercourse, which thus makes things more complex. It’s been sitting in its box in the kitchen glaring at me, plaintively to paint it.

Oh, those standard bearers…
Yes lots of them. As I seem to provide at least two armies at every Big Game JP & I host, I’ve had to add more of them to cover all the LDV factions, Socialists, Anglicans and other ne’er do wells.

And then there were some runners (Foundry Home Guard) that I knew needed a bit of attention as the rifles would simply fall off if on Stupid Glue was used.


Now back to editting some photos.

Crazy Hot December

We live in interesting times.

Open Mind

This December was crazy hot. Most readers are aware of how unusually warm it was last month in the eastern U.S., but it was just as crazy hot — maybe more so — in England.

As a new year arrives, organizations which track climate release complete data for the preceding year. One of the first to do so, and the first I acquired, was daily Central England Temperature. It reports daily mean temperature since 1772, nearly 250 years’ worth.

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