Here they are…they make the Byakhees and I work hard…

Black Jack is a bossy cat, and an alarm cat that goes off every morning when he thinks I should be up attending to him. he normally sounds like the Soup Dragon, bubbling squeaking and purring away at full volume.

The British Union of Felines (BUF), after a game of AVBCW

He is also a Film Critic:

And interested in technology such as printers:

And the internet:

Spades (who is Spadetacular) – inside out and upside down is his natural resting position

cat sausages

He’s also a wild Puma, roaming the extensive jungles of deepest darkest Herefordshire:

Clawed, was a Wussy Cat.


He used to run for it when a fly smacked into the window near him, a real dancing Queen.
Occasionally, he was struck by a Sunbeam, the natural enemy of a Cat, and keeled over:

I got him as a stray cat after Dexter died. My first “own” cat.

The Late Queen In Yellow insisted we had Cats, so we/she got two Felix cats Buster & Dexter, the later went missing, the former had to be put down in 2011 due to heart problems. In between, I had acquired Clawed, who moped on Buster’s demise, so I decided to get a new cat, only I got two of them…


And Buster:

Both half farm half feral, the late Queen in Yellow and I were the only ones able to pick them up (and then on sufferance only). Buster also attacked a neighbours’ dog when it growled at me when I was watering the garden.

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