Laserburn: Buildings, Scenery & Cover

Here are some preliminary rules for Buildings, Scenery & Cover:


Obviously these are fairly robust structures designed to provide air tight cover, including strikes against micro-meteorites.

Auto-guns, Lasers, and Slug Guns cannot penetrate any Building.

Heavy Bolt and Laser guns treat a Building as Power Armour, unless the Referee decrees otherwise. Any character in a building that is ‘damaged’ in such a way have to roll a Duckback test (p10).


Rocks, concrete barrcades and so on give Cover (p13) but can be shot through with some weapons. If a shot from a Heavy Bolt Gun, Heavy Laser or similar misses by 10 due to the Cover, then they can still cause problems. If they manage to penetrate against Power Armour, then the target must take a Duck Back test.

(NB: Major terrain does not count here, its simply too solid)


This covers (hah!) boxes, barrels, crates and other ephemera. When shooting anything other than a Pistol, then if the shots only miss due to the Cover (10), then roll penetration as they have hit the Cover in front of the target. In all cases, if the round(s) penetrate against Light Armour, then they carry on through and hit the original target, with an additional -10 to penetrate.

In addition, you can develop House Rules to cover the contents of the Cover and what happens to it:

  • Red – contains some form of incendirary material, maybe fuel, or ammo, use a large template centred on the item of Cover, all characters, and Cover take a single automatic hit as if from an Assault Rifle at Point Blank Range.
  • Orange – as above, but with a small template, and at Close Range
  • Blue – as above, except anything in base contact…
  • Green – nothing
  • White – nothing, though a Character of Regular or higher rating can loot it (taking 3 actions) for some medikit if they are not under fire that turn.

Rules to be tested.

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