FG: Fungus Foray

Byakhee Jon and I agreed to start new war bands and start the Into the Breeding Pits campaign following the descent of his main wizard whose name I have entirely forgotten. 😉

So at a day’s notice Jon organised another gaming session. Due to another meeting I had, we only had two hours.

My new Wizard and Apprentice were part painted as was the Tunnel Fighter.

The first scenario was the Moving Maze where fungi start moving things around and violent fungi turn up to defend their patch.

Shazam (with two A’s) and Marvo deployed the war band – Illusionists.

Against Jon’s new war band led by a Chronomancer ette.

Though I won initiative, this allowed Jon to dictate what scenery was moved by the fungi…thus cutting me off from my rightful loot. Luckily I had managed to cast both Fool’s Gold and Reveal Secret.

Picking up the treasure triggered the Violent Fungi to appear, as placed by the opposing player (Jon), guess where…

Which was reciprocated.

easy to kill, but injuring/killing them releases spores causing models to be wounded.

Good job I had also taken the Heal spell !

Unless you passed a Will test like my war hound did.

I closed in on my fifth piece of treasure, the Chronomancer’s thief having been tricked by Fool’s Gold.

Wizard’s Eye -a late hope to use it to cast Elemental Bolt.

We’d spent so much time fighting the Violent Fungi we’d barely exchanged blows, but here my war hound finished off a thug, before being mercilessly cut down with a plaintive yelp by an archer.

And so to the departure lounge – in Into the Breeding Pits, you exit via doors/archways only. Shazaam (spelt with two A’s) escaped with a load of treasure, which was mostly gold but alas no grimoires !

A good start for my new wizard.

Jon was completely hampered by poor dice rolling when it came to casting spells. And he didn’t even roll any 20’s in combat :-O

Sadly we did not have time for a second game as we would have spent too long setting up bases, counting treasure and so on…so the saga has only just begun.

A Little Challenge (part 2)

Well it did take me more than a week to finish off the figures I’d planned on doing in a week

An Apothecary and a Crossbowman.

.These were done within the week as hoped, and photographed a few days ago.

Holbron Toddlebrew, and his Apprentice, Gideon.

Lots of books and scrolls.

Holbron is the Sigilist I’ve been playing since November 2015.


It has taken this long for me to replace the two original figures with properly colour co-ordinated and based figures.

Just in time for frioday’s scenario of “The Bone Wheel” from the Thaw of the Liche Lord supplement.

The fifth figure, the Savage didn’t get painted. It’s sitting there rather unloved for an unknown reason. I suspect that it’s to do with the low light levels meaning I want to prioritise the figures i’m likely to use in the next month or so, which is rather sad as the Savage and many other Ghost Archipelago figures are really good !

So stand by Friday/Saturday for some updates in the form of an AAR.

I also have a couple of familiars to finish off before Friday, and am halfway through some more Wizards and minions.

Captains & Treasure, and a Construct (UPDATED)

Finally I finished the three Captains I’ve had on the table for some time.
In one case a ridiculously long time given the figure.

From L-R:
– Frostgrave Folio Champion, with the metal parts from the Nickstarter (North Star)
– Frostgrave Captain
– Bad Squiddo/Dice Bag Lady female in plate mail

You will notice that the photo is BAD.

New photo, in better daylight.

I have themed the Captains’ outfits with their shields.

Of note, none of these Captains have bows and quivers, something that I have plans to address, so that I have one or more Captains with ranged weapons. probably for another upcoming challenge I have in mind.

Two more treasure tokens, a potion in jar, and the contents of a canopic jar.

This photo was taken around mid-day and as you can see captures the depth of colour much more effectively.

Large Construct, again taken late in the day. Since I have an Enchanter (Lady K), and Jim has an Enchanter, I thought it best to have another of these bad boys hanging around..

More progress on the “little Challenge” today as well.

More minions

Scuppered by yesterday’s terrible weather (dark, foggy, overcast), and my father’s DIY which led to the downstairs light circuit being switched off, I finally finished the highlights on some more minions today.

A thug from Citadel (I haven’t identified the range but think it was either Dogs of War or Mercenaries Fighter range), plus two more X-bows, originally Citadel now available from Foundry in their medieval range.

Three giant rats (Northstar).

And two more treasure tokens.

the left hand one is from Northstar, and the right hand one is home made from a spare quiver I had from old Citadel Skeletons plastics, and then the arrows were from the current Skeletons set.

I thought I’d finish them off so that there is a bespoke token for each type of magic treasure you can find, so that i could run a scenario where players find specific type of treasure, rather than roll randomly for them.

A little challenge

Over the last year I haven’t painted as many actual human (or demi-human) figures as I could/should/would have.

Instead I’ve let myself become diverted by scenery, treasure tokens and easy to paint creatures.

No problems with any of them they’re all useful, but I now find a paucity of actual painted human figures is holding me back in Frostgrave.

Therefore I thought I’d to an ad-hoc challenge to paint five human figures in a week.

If successful I might extend this and repeat it throughout the year.

The first five are shown above. I chose them on the basis of need. L-R:-
– Holborn Toddlebrew. My first wizard. I have a painted model but it’s “primitive”
– Gideon, the apprentice (ditto, also not colour co-ordinated)
– Savage, in preparation for Ghost Archipelago, plus a chance to brush up (ha!) my skin tone painting
– Apothecary, because…
– Crosbowman, because…

Some are undercoated or have vestiges of a paint job, others are raw metal, so first job is to get them all to the same stage of painting.

In the meantime I do have some figures to show the world, but am waiting on a few more to be painted for the “added value”.

FrostFayre 2017 – Part Three

The morning’s games had taken much longer than expected, so it wasn’t until 3pm we started the second round, at which point three people ducked out, and only watched the beginning rounds.

So table 2 was used for a four way match between Anthony, Jim, Richard and myself (yay I got to play !). Jim and I were playing very experienced war bands (Doozelbat and KIY respectively) with the other two forming an alliance squeezed between us.

Following advice at the Frostgrave forum on LAF we reduced the number of treasure to 2 per player. Funnily enough, Doozlebat and KIY had an extra one each. 😉

KIY’s deployment.

Oh look another treasure chest pops up 6 inches from my deployment zone. Richard and Anthony were a bit puzzled. Cough…REVEAL SECRET. Another “essential” spell…

So what was Doozlebat’s spell for his third treasure chest ?

I barely had time to shift round to the side of the table, before Doozlebat had zapped one of Anthony’s war band !

Again Anthony was heading for the treasure in the open grave (deja vu !).

But in a taste of what was to come, Skye (Richard) slew Doozlebat’s apprentice in a surprise shot, which ironically deprived me of one of the few shots I could have had on Doozlebat (unsettled business).

Talking of which, Skye’s minions were trying to take one of my treasure’s, so a small fracas ensued, an Imp thrown in for good measure was easily slain by the diminutive handling war band.

Whilst Anthony’s archer and hound raced out to grab the central treasure….

….which wasn’t there… FOOLS GOLD…thanks Doozelbat (Jim) !

All this treasure taking had however alerted a wild dog which turned up behind Doozlebat. Jim was very relaxed claiming he’d deal with it easily.

But promptly forgot about it, allowing the wild dog to attack the X-bowman and distract him for two turns ! DOH !

Which helped Anthony lug a treasure chest out of harm’s way.

One of Doozlebat’s only treasures rescued.

Meanwhile KIY suffered a minion down due to long range fire from Doozlebat, a minion already injured by an elemental bolt to the face from Skye.

aWALL stopped most of the elemental bolts, but not before a treasure hunter who had killed one of Skye’s minions was put down.

And a third loss for KIY, again long range magical elemental bolts !

And Skye escapes with the treasure !

As did Anthony’s war band.

So the two big hitters got a bit of a mauling from the new comer upstarts. Goes to show that no matter how high a level in frost grave, a few well aimed shots and good dice rolls the mighty can fall.

Nominally i won with 4 treasures, but with minions down, one badly wounded (missing next game), it was won ate a price.

Until next time !

FrostFayre 2017 – Part Two

So this is Table 2, which I watched less closely, so fewer photos – sorry !

Jim (Vlad), Richard (Skye) who had played a few times, and Anthony who had never played.

First off, placement of treasure – so they stuck one in the open grave !

And others in more obvious positions.

Vlad’s minions advanced – Jim had used a themed set of figures, but explained may of the more outlandish items (like the bone scorpion) were constructs. Richard and Anthony were more than a bit worried by these constructs.

Skye’s handling war band fanned out but was constricted by being between Vlad and Anthony’s war bands.

Anthony’s warbands crashed in to the graveyard, but I don’t think they had Keats and Yeats on their mind (The Smiths).

Fierce fighting broke out over the treasure in the centre of the field.

Vlad (Jim) pushed one of his constructs forward, only a few turns later for Anthony to find out it was an “Illusionary Warrior”…

Though Vlad was also fighting off Skye at the same time who had tried torching one of the constructs.

But Imperial Overstretch clearly got the better of Vlad, and an Elemental Bolt to the face, followed up by a well aimed arrow, and we had WIZARD DOWN !!!

The slow moving construct having frightened off most opponents encountered a summoned Imp (the three players had agreed to skip the wandering creature rules).

And the Imp trashed the construct !

By this point all three war bands having grabbed as much loot as they could, headed off the board.

To be continued…