A New Start

One of the problems with Frostgrave or indeed any game that uses XP, is when people mix and match between opponents, so Alan and I started afresh with new Wizards,in my case Old Mother Parma based on the 1984 character in the Citadel “Blood on the Streets” supplement.

I built new war band from the new female warriors plastic kit by Northstar but utterly failed to paint them in time. Old Mother Parma was the original figure complete with hearing horn.

As a Witch – good old fog !

Whilst the Captain picked up the central treasure, my X-bowomen shot the enemy in the face.

This was a straight up head to head.

Meanwhile, elsewhere my warband was looting the place !

A bit of dogging. 😉

His war hound killed mine. 😦

More fog was conjured as Mother Parma’s ladie3s retreated from the field of battle.

But not before one last fracas with a wandering monster and the enemy !

Alone in the Crypt (again)

More than a month since I last posted, I have about 8 games stacked up to wade through photos which has been low on my to do list recently.

Here’s a quickie, the ever bright Alon in the Crypt starter for a Captain, which seeing as I have a game lined up tomorrow with a starting warband is an ideal way to ease me back in to things in the new year. (Warning unpainted miniature ahead !)

Usual set up – the scenario is in the magazine Spellcaster No.1

The Captain (Name yet to be assigned), built using the new female warriors plastics set from NorthStar which is an excellent set. MY only reservation is the larger backpack does make them look like Space marines ! Otherwise excellent and the sprue are much bigger then the earlier sets.

First enemy down, a slam dunk.

Ok having chewed her way through both starting armoured skeletons, two ordinary skeletons pounced on her. The dice gods were with me in combat but not in finding a way out.

More undead, and still no way out, at least the XP were racking up as I remained lucky with the combat rolls.

FrostWraith…this did not go so well, so the healing potion was used up as I still searched for an exit to the crypt, again XP racked up.

Arrrggghhhh, a ghoul and a second FrostWraith now, both dispatched, but still the exit remained elusive.

It was only on the sixth door I found the way out.

125XP later, my captain escaped.

So at least I have an experienced Captain to field tomorrow at Wykeham Towers which is full of woes (AAR to come).

This is also the first time I have used a Captain with a bow and an increased shooting stat so we shall see how this goes.

Using the female warriors kit I have roughly built an all female warband which will be a change. More photos to follow.

FG: Loot the Cart (II)

A game played over a month ago with Alan as part of the Thaw of the Lichee Lord campaign.

I painted up some cultists double quick.

We got stuck in straight away, Kenny & Craig proving to be as useless as ever !

The cultists I’d painted up[ died almost immediately – typical !

Craig had a pop at Alan’s wizard but failed to land a blow.

Mayhem erupted around the now unguarded cart as both war bands attempted to retrieve THEIR treasure.

Many casualties ensued – mostly on my side. 😦

But then a wandering Ghoul and a summoned Imp went out of control and started chewing up Alan’s troops. Oh dear, how I cried.

We had to roll for another wandering monster, and got a Snow leopard. Alan was chuffed as he had spent time painting one. Pity it turned up behind his war band and he shot it with an archer in one round so it did the square root of bugger all !!


A very long hiatus of posting due to a house purchase falling through, followed by a very loud gig late at night.

So I have four AARs lined up and lots of photos to edit !

I have another games session lined up tomorrow, with a home brew scenario featuring dungeon traps..a bit like these.

They are from the Mantic Dungeon Crate.

FG 2018 08 31: The Battle on the River

The second game Alan and I played over a fortnight ago ! A freezer meltdown delayed me, but here we go !

KIY’s war band got ready.

Hashpot Dribbleweed’s war band were on the other side of the frozen river.

Now at this point, I will point out there was a difference of 20 levels between KIY and Hashpot. But even that doesn’t really explain the rapid casualty rate of Hashpot’s minions.

A conjured Imp, saw off the Warhound and closed in on Hashpot.

An Ice Spider turned up.

The bear saw off the ice spider, but not the Rangers, and the Minor Demon who mobbed the Treasure Hunter of Hashpot’s war band.

The Liche Lord’s minion emerged from the central boat !

Oops, Hashpot’s Apprentice is down !

My Captain and his Captain went head to head, and Dr Archer cynically offered a healing potion.

The Treasure Hunter went down as did the bear as they were mobbed.

Meanwhile, a lucky 20 (apparently I can roll them) took out the Liche Lord’s minion.

A few Planar tear’s later and the Imps, and Minor Demons were gone.

By the end, Hashpot escaped with three of his war band.

For once, a victory at Alan’s house.

Ruinous Prevarication

Ok, whilst busy with the house purchase, I have also been prevaricating about editing all the photos of the last game Alan and I played week before last. So after a cancelled meeting today have decided to pull my finger out as I have two more game AARs to write up from this week, and need them out the way before I have a games session with Jon next week !

In the meantime I have been busy painting…

A jungle terrace from Blotz, though I can’t see why it can’t be used for Frostgrave or Mordheim.

The steps are separate pieces so you can move them to different sides or omit them. easy to put together and only £5 IIRC.

I’ve used so much of the grey paint I’ve had to get another tester pot done up by B&Q.

Mantic Terrain Crate treasure pile painted silver rather than gold – I intend to make it a query of “Is it Silver, or Platinum ?”.

Renedra Frostgrave ruins, I bought 3 of the spurs to bulk out an order.

The main archway. The kits are nice and chunky, being very thick (about 1cm+).

The other two items. Not going to set the world alight, but still very useful items, so if you’re getting bases from Renadra, I’d “accidentally” include a few of these sprues.

Now back to finishing off the cultists I painted, yup another war band is in the throes of formation.

FG 2018 08 31: Total Eclipse

Aland and I had another games session and we moved on to the Thaw of the Liche Lord to provide some difference.

It was Rinsesoap Washbag vs Shazamm! (the Mighty).

Shazzam’s warband

Rinseoap’s war band with the inevitable bear – always turns up. I should never have sold Alan that model.

The inevitable Telekeniss spell moved the treasure out of my grasp as I moved my band forward.

And when treasure wa picked up, you can guess where the wandering Minor Demon turned up. Yup, right behind me.

The inevitable fate of all war hounds. My ranger and the hound had moved forward to menace Rinsesoap and gain a treasure.

Deja Vu – another treasure hunter goes down !

The Templar did at least kill the Minor Demon.

As my nattily attired their and Tunnel Fighter legged it with some loot.

Meanwhile Rinsesoap’s Archer and Intfantryman were flanking me.

Whilst playing mind games and stealing my treasure.

The Templar meanwhile was covering Shazzam’s strategic withdrawal, and another war hound went down.

A mind controlled archer, attacked Rinsesoap, only to be defeated.

The Templar was defeated by the `barbarian and Infatnryman

But not before a mind controlled bear had been set upon Rinsesoap by Shazam !

I scooted the rest of my war band off, leaving the bear to be downed by the rest of Rinsesoap’s war band – as Alan commented, he had to kill more of his war band than I did !

Result – he won, but at least this time I escaped with three treasure chests.

The Total Eclipse happened, so we each got the extra 50XP as well.

On to the second scenario…