Special Guest Superstar DJ: WHFB Empire

Yes, another Empire army !

This time from Byakhee Stuart, who I again did a special interview for The Carcosa Times:

My old Empire army was the first Warhammer army I collected. I guess at
the time I wanted to stay in my comfort zone to something that vaguely
resembled a historical army with the classic ‘horse, foot and guns’ make
up. The colour scheme started off being simply red and white as an
homage to my beloved football team, Arsenal. However I started this and
I felt it was missing something and going on my basic colour theory of
complimentary colours I opted to go for a dark green accent.

I was more into painting than gaming, the same goes today really, and
liked to give individual touches to the various units. In my naivety I
thought that the Empire was supposed to be a German speaking nation, my
mind was thinking ‘Holy Roman Empire’ and as a result all the writing on
the banners are in German with the common phrase ‘Wir haben vertrauen in
‘ or We Have Faith in Sigmar. I wanted to stay away from all the
skulls ‘nonsense’ as I thought it and as such I went for more benign
symbology such as the Tudor Rose on the knight’s banner. IT was my first
foray into the whole Warhammer uninverse and at the time I didn’t really
get the whole dark, gothic feel to the Empre.

The collection was pretty straight out of the box really and did not
have that many conversions as such. Favourite model was Luthor Huss, I
still have a soft spot for the old firebrand and if I do Empire again I
will certainly have him there again.

This army was sold on to another collector years ago so if I did Empire
again it would be from scratch. If I did do it again it would be the
full on Warhammer Empire crazyness eith flagellants, priests, wizards,
monsters and steam tanks. I must admit the release of the new war altar
and griffon models has severely tempted me….

More photos of this army are here, if you bought this army from Stuart, feel free to comment/get in touch and update us on its travails ! 🙂

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