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Surprise surprise, a war gamer likes war films…

Dr Zhivago

David lean’s extrvaganza – my first intro to the RCW. Massive battles fouught in Siberia, cough Spain.

This is the sort of thing that caused the Russian Army and the Eastern front to fall apart.

Big epic film, with the Reds, Whites and others all representative.

The Admiral

Another excellent (RCW) war film.

Na Moscow !

(Russian film, and yes whilst it comes with English subtitles, its worth watching in the original Russian)

Where Eagles dare

Obviously why Airfix released their German Mountain Troops. No I can’t think of any other reason they’d release German Mountain Troops. An excellent scenario for radiers/commandos and so on, applicable in any genre/ time period.


The late 1960’s and early 1970’s were when the Eastern bloc governments were busy hiring out their armies to be well armies in western films. Waterloo was one of them. Allegedly this was the 7th largest army in the world…

There’s a lot of quotes from this film:

Duke of Wellington: The whole line will advance.
Lord Uxbridge: In which direction your grace?
Duke of Wellington: Why, straight ahead to be sure.

But the best quote from Waterloo was:

Lord Uxbridge: Er-herm. Sir.
Duke of Wellington: [removing his copy of The Times from over his face] Ah, Uxbridge.
Lord Uxbridge: As I am second in command and in case anything should happen to you, what are your plans?
Duke of Wellington: To beat the French. [goes back to sleep, replacing the newspaper]

(NB: 1.50 mins in)

Now that’s the sort of battle line up I’d like to see squaring off from each other.

Before the British squash the Frenchies…

[Historical quote]
Duke of Wellington: [referring to his army] I don’t know what they’ll do to the enemy; but, by God, they frighten me.

Lawrence of Arabia

Yes there ARE quotes from this film in Prometheus, so it is going to take multiple viewings. Surprisingly it has Claude Rains in as well, just like the film noir…

A film showing guerilla warfare, plus set piece attacks, Arabic irregulars with British armoured cars and other weaponry.

Apocalypse Now

A good look at the psychology and morality of war. Lots of useful wargaming ideas too.

  • Defending a bridge from destruction – the attacker simply ahs to destroy the bridge not the defenders to win for instance.
  • Forcing a small force through upriver, again the attacker has to get a small team through to the other side of the board, they don’t have to miklitarily defeat nor occupy the board to win.
  • Search the passing boats/carts/space ships to find the enemy/spies/smugglers, the civies might fight back, or your troops might get trigger happy. Hey, what’s up with that guy at the back with the red eyes…?

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