AVBCW & BoB: More Movement Trays

A glutton for punishment, I ordered some more movement trays from Sarissa. This time I asked for some custom movement trays suitable for round based figures for AVBCW and BoB/RCW. I specified two types, each for 10 figures. The first would be spaced half an inch apart, the second would be a full inch apart. Some game systems allow figures from the same unit to be up to two inches apart, but I thought that trying to use trays when that far apart would be far to cumbersome and visually intrusive.

Here they are:

And with some fine upstanding BUF populating them:

I think the first option, half an inch apart works well and from memory and use of the Mark 1 Eyeball, looks about what we field them on the table normally.

The second, spaced one inch apart now seems to be very big, and could be cumbersome to use on the table.

Here they are with the normal skirmish tray:

The only problem I have found is that when both base and tray are flocked, its a bit of a tight fit:

Therefore I have done another small order and asked for the holes to be 2mm wider in diameter to cope with this.

Any players of AVBCW or BoB, please comment on what you think of the two new options:

  • Would they be useful ?
  • Do they look ‘right’ ?
  • Would they be ok on the battlefield ?

Thanks !

3 Responses to AVBCW & BoB: More Movement Trays

  1. jp1885 says:

    They certainly look useful – although I agree that 1″ spacing would be too big. The also look good too, although I wonder how useful they’d be on more cluttered battlefields..?

  2. They’re probably going to be useful for the early stages of large games as units move up to fighting distance. By the time they get up and close I’d image they’d have taken casualties and or taken cover behind linear obstacles at which point the trays could be removed. In general I think they’ll also be useful if we ever need to have formal deployment rules, or for when we want to bringng on reinforcements part way through games – they can be on their tray ready to go at a moment’s notice and not need the player rummaging around in boxes mid game.

  3. Byakhee Rich says:

    To keep the basing material from clogging up the holes, I put spare bases in the holes while applying glue / sand / flock or whatever. It also pays to keep the edges of the bases clear when finishing them – wrap a bit of tape around the edge perhaps?

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