Brizzle gig 2018 06 01 Rookes and DIDI

Two new artists I am following did a double headlining tour with the Brizzle gig in Cafe Kino. (see later for gourmet restaurant critique)

Bouncy stage.

DIDI had not brought her band with her, so a one woman show, excellent stuff and I got to hear the “radio edit” of Back Off. Filmed it as well. Previously only heard the live version which uses a different four letter word.


I took a load of video footage but annoyingly used up all of Louis’ memory before that last two tracks which were quite different and very good.

Now I am going to go all Jay Rayner on you, I arrived early because I didn’t stop off at the m-way services for an over processed rubbish burger as this gig was beneath a vegan cafe. So I decided to sample their menu, and had one of the bean burgers.

As it happened I ended up with Richard and DIDI in the queue and DIDI and I had the same bean burger, It was LOVELY. And way cheaper than a Burger King thing.

The ingredients were being prepared as we watched, and the size of the burger was enormous as were the curly fries I had as a side dish.

So make sure if you go here for food that you are really hungry.

I had some organic cider which went down a treat and DIDI had some pink lemonade that really didn’t touch the sides either.

If you are after vegan, local, organic produce this is the place to go. Service was great and cheerful. I’m definitely a flexitarian but this burger beat hands down a withered offering from the usual suspects.

So whilst we were waiting for it to be served, DIDI unveiled her secret new limited edition EP she had had produced and will not be available in general circulation IIRC. So I bought a couple then and there, and she signed/doodled one for me.

As ever, go out and find new bands and artists and support them. You will probably find you get cool new stuff, cut rate tickets and a warm welcome that most large bands don’t offer to their anonymous punters.

Now to process the photos of Alan and my games last Saturday, as JP and I have a session lined up on Friday !

The Men that will not be blamed for delaying posts

Yes, another gig, this time The Men that will Not be Blamed for Nothing. Thought that it would help shake off my flu (it was day 12 and I was fed up, and I’d missed the previous gig on day 2).

Last gig of the tour so they threw everything in to it, as did the support bands. Didn’t get back until 1am Monday so cream crackered for the next couple of days.

But then there aren’t many bands that do songs about Marie Curie, Charles Darwin and Cholera. (And who doesn’t like a good song about cholera ?)

However, I did start another clear out of figures and re-organising the keepers.

As some of the Byakhees know, using old take away curry plastic boxes is dead useful for posting stuff you’ve sold and keeping ots of flock, bits and so on. Unfortunately I’ve either posted all of mine of the boxes and lids don’t match up.

So I asked a few months ago at the curry restaurant for the supplier’s details…

So I got a box of 252 of the blighters for about Β£40.

My e-bay sales are now going to arrive in luxury, and the remaining piles of lead will be properly sorted.

Music: Metroland

I had this going through my brain cell so I checked out the video, and it seems relevant for AVBCW.

Music: The March Violets Mortality Tour & Album (and Saffron Dreams)

The Purple ones are out and about again, but they are also planning a new album at the conclusion of their US East Coast Mortality tour:

Full details, delivered in Si Denbigh’s idiosyncratic style about the Pledge Music campaign for the album are here.

At the time of writing, about 24 hours after the launch it is at 37% funding already, not bad.

A tithe of excess funding again goes to charity, Macmillan Cancer Support.

Yes, a double CD of live, “re-forged”, new and previously unreleased material, plus a DVD to boot.

As a complete side comment, I ended up giving a Bhuddist Monk a lift today (as you do in the depths of the countryside), all done up in his saffron robes. He was looking a bit bedraggled. We had a good chat about the Dalai Lama, Tibet, Hay-on-Wye and playing wargames.

I thought he might be offended by the later point, but he happily confirmed that Bhuddist Monks may take up arms in certain circumstances, which confirmed what I’d read in Peter Hopkirk’s book Trespasser’s on the Roof of the World.

Made Glorious – The March Violets – Into the Sun (Ha Ha Crow Baby)

Finally, Pop Pickers, the March Violets’ first proper album is available for non-Pledgers and other deviant slackers to buy.

A digital download has been made available here.

From the Violets’web site:

We have NO copies left of the Limited First Edition 2 CD version of the album. We won’t be making any more of this Special 2 CD bonus disc version. It is now a collectors item.

HOWEVER You can order a digital copy of the new album by using the Bandcamp link below. It is Paypal, but you do not need a Paypal account to order, credit and debit cards work very well and securely.

Glad I got a few copies of the double album, and Byakhee Richard got one as a present.

The Rebel Colonists, and I know a few of you visit this blog (my sad techie webmaster side kicks in), are also lucky enough to have the pleasure of a March Violets Tour:

The web sites have more info.

The front cover of the Crow Baby 12″ single. Now that was something to come home to. πŸ™‚

Train (missing)

A musical interlude:

The second encore from the Albert Hall gig by the Sisters of Mercy in 1985:

Why isn’t the last encore included on ‘Wake’, the film of the Royal Albert Hall concert in 1985?

By the time we hit the stage for the last encore, some of the necessary machines had been switched off.
Various film technicians had decided that we’d finished. Andrew had been performing with a couple of cracked ribs, and he had indeed decided to finish, but Lemmy was in the dressing room to convince him that another encore was in order. After a short discussion and a multilateral assessment of all the available pharmaceuticals, the band hit the stage again – but too speedily for the aforementioned technicians.

There was some audio-visual material from the last encore, but Polygram “lost it” shortly after the film was edited and released.

Now all I have to do is work out where my Train is going for the BoB scenario on the 31st !

March Violets April 2014 Gigs


The Purpleness goodness continues.

  • 5th April – Fulford Arms – YORK UK
  • 10th April – Poppodium Nieuwe NOR – HEERLEN HOLLAND
  • 12th April – Resurrection – KAISERSLAUTEN GERMANY
  • 26th April – Convergence – CHICAGO USA

They are also playing Alt-Fest in August

More details on their website, and another certain site.


Hang on…

Err did they say they might play a new song ?

Play Loud, Play Purple.

Where I-Go, Mi-Go

A seasonal treat:

Lyrics gratefully taken from the H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society songbook “A Very Scary Solstice

Freddie the Red Brained Mi-Go

[to the theme of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer]

You know Deep Ones and Dark Young and Shantaks and Shoggoths
Nightgaunts and Polyps and Fungi from Yuggoth
But do you recall the most loathesome beastie of all?

Freddie the Red Brained Mi-Go
Had a very slimy brain,
And if you ever saw it, you would scream and go insane.

All of the other Mi-Go
Laughed at him and made remarks.
They never let poor Freddy whisper to them in the dark.

Then one foggy Solstice eve
Hastur came to say,
“Freddy with your brain so bright, won’t you scare some folks tonight?”

Then how the Mi-Go loved him
As they buzzed about the place.
“Freddy the Red Brained Mi-Go, you’ll live out in darkest space!”

Loud, Proud & Purple

I’d got some e-mails from Si of the ‘Violets saying my pledge items had been posted, but by 12.30 today I’d given up hope Royal Mail would deliver them this w/e…but the postie turned up late with a box of goodies…

Yup, I’d splashed out on the bigger options:

  • Double pack CD, with the extra remixes (more of which later)
  • t-shirts, well who could say no to a jaw dropping culty t-shirt* ?
  • poster, my picture and name amongst the other people who funded this adventure (stroke my ego)
  • booklet, lots of pictures and all the lyrics, why not ?
  • badges
  • signed note

A full list of the remixes is here. Any band that writes a Happy Birthday song for the son of one of their fans has to be respected – and yes it is in typical ‘Violets style. That’s not the only new track either, and several remixes have extra lyrics.

The booklet…well Si has obviously spent a lot of time on this one. We are treated to all the lyrics, a page for each of the band members (Si, Tom, Rosie and Jo) along with lots of photos and even a painting of Rosie in full on vamp mode (and I must say I like that…dribble). Rosie also fills her page with poetry, alluding to March Violets tracks. Tom has his guitar geek page, and Jo her cat page.

Oh, and best of all the text refers to a video of Billion 3. Looking forward to that.

The Remixes

Immerse yourself in a film sound track set in a strange punk/goth/disco/dance/rave you can only leave by taking exits from the labyrinth that lead to psychedelic hammer horror films/twilight zone of a dystopian world of environmental, financial and sexual collapse.

The album as originally mixed was not a gothic dirge, the remixes are, well, hatstand. Regardless of the style, its the ‘Violets.

The extra lyrics and vocals on several tracks are really fitting and make the tracks really good. Given the originals are pretty stonkingly good that’s a hard thing to achieve.

What did you want time running backwards ?

* And no the cats couldn’t…they spent much of the afternoon curled up hard asleep on the t-shirts even before I’d worn them.

Weapon – paraGun

Also arriving today and distracting me:

Yeah… were gonna all see
A truth born sayer or a weapon to deceive
Turn of a switch if you think you still can dream
A calculated risk for all sheep while sleeping
I challenge you to take a hard look
At just what’s creeping there behind their truth
A salivating, toothless, crooked root thanG
Is sucking on and on gag gag
Got knife back it up fight gottA find a reason to slice in
Can’t forget the piece of the pie
A poison we can’t get away from

Got a knife back a nation feel the class system closing in
Like an abscess in the back of the neck
GottA keep the mind on intention
Radiate feeling baked catch the high high
Sure this season seems so clean
A filibuster dusting all the cesium leaves
A low grade dose of a rabbit up the sleeve
A card trick release from the pretty fuel fleas
I’m getting sick from the way we all look
In the face of annihilation under a jack boot
An ass ripping particle base disguise
Take me back to times of black plague lies
Radiate feeling baked catch the high high
Make it up pass the buck… fuck fuck