WHFB: Dark Elf Shades

As you’ve guessed, I’m an avid Dark Elf collector and gamer. I have collected them ever since the first metal based designs came out, and have always loved Cold Ones. I’ve virtually finished painting enough to field at least one of each unit, though my collection is easily twice that, more like three times that size. In all I estimate I have 15k points of Dark Elves that could almost form a ‘legal’ army. The stuff not yet painted is going to feature a lot more conversions and oddities.

Anyhow, here’s some more photos, this time of my Shades – when they start shooting, Byakhee Jim is now duty bound to exclaim:

Ballistic skill 5 ?!

…before doing his Mutley impression
Here they are with their smart new skirmish tray:

I used dark green for their cloaks, mostly Foundry Bottle Green but there is some old GW/Citadel Jade in there as well, and then I’ve gone for a buckskin effect on their breeches.

For the champion, I chose an appropriate stance and then paionted the coat purple to ensure he stood out:

A very useful little unit that really distracts my enemies and threatens artillery crew units. The other units I use for these purposes are Harpies.

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