WHFB: Dark Elf Repeater Bolt Throwers

Yes, the one and only piece of artillery Dark Elves get. And we get a measly 3 crew figure options with two crew for each bolt thrower: the ubiquitous raised sword in air pose; and two others. Well this is going to be a fascinating paint job when you have SIX of them to paint. Then there was the perennial problem of how not to paint them black all the time, and introduce some unit coherency.

So, as they are bought in WHFB in units of one or two bolt throwers, I decided their cloaks would be different colours, that’s the best I could think of. So two Dark Grey (almost black), two dark green (to again fit in with the army theme) and two dark purple (ditto). Again some of the scarves were painted an ice blue colour to help brighten up these figures and tie them in with the army overrall.

Gosh how exciting.

I based them on round plastic bases GW used to do, mostly to give them more structural strength. As usual GW have gone for very small contact areas on large pieces of white metal. Despite using stupid glue, all purpose adhesive and impact adhesive nothing lasted more than a few games and its a bit embarrassing when you pour a pile of components on to the table in front of your opposing player’s beautifully painted army. I left the crew separate though.

Then of course, having built these nice pieces of artillery, storing them became a problem. Having sold figures to buy GW storage cases and having ~60 of them I was not disposed to move to a new system. Luckily Kaiser-Rushforth supply foam trays of varying sizes that fit the GW cases. Byakhee Anthony had just invested in a load for his army and they were really good so after a test order, I got some more.

As you can see the pick and pluck system allows you to use the plucked foam to cushion the large bits easily. Well worth the money. The downside of building all these items is that your army mushrooms from a few cases to dozens of cases, hence the re-assessment of my projects given the amount of room that is taken up.

Also, you run the risk of bringing the wrong box for the battle – something I frequently do when going to Byakhee Jim’s House of Doom, Byakhee Richard has apparently solved this by having a few cases but far more trays and then mix and matching before setting out.

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