WHFB: Dark Elf Repeater Cross Bowmen

They are the main part of my Dark Elf army, after 20 of them they get very boring, mostly black with chainmail dry brushing on the armour. I made the decision early on in painting my Dark Elf army NOT to just use black. So I opted for a dark Green – Foundry Bottle Green Shade in fact. This is used on their robes etc. Still very dark, I painted the old metal Cold One Knights who had streamers on their lance – and I used an ice blue to indicate they are an offshoot of the High Elves who of course traditionally are painted white and blue. this also helps keep the army coherent visually.

Any how, here’s some pictures of figures, which we haven’t had enough of recently:

They even come with shields !

The snake/dragon design is painted Bottle Green, and then drybrushed with a metallic green that I have from a very old Citadel paint set. The same design is used on some of the standards:

And I’ve done a lot of mix and match between the plastic kits to get a variety of standards, musicians and champions:

More stuff here, and more stuff to come in the next week.

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