Why climate change deniers are wrong on science funding

The title says it all really, as usual climate change deniers are simply wrong on how the money from grant funds does not go in to the pockets of scientists.

Sunny Jim

Whilst at Jim’s gaff, my mobile phone complained it had no juice, so I became a ‘leccy sponger and recharged it.

This reminded me that I’d intended to buy a solar recharger for my phone/iPOD/camera(Louis).

Last time I’d checked solar chargers of this type were £75-£100. Ouch !

But solar cell prices have tumbled in the last few years.

A quick cruise on Amazon and Sunny Jim was bought for £27, and delivered in 3 days.

Despite it being mid November, overcast and raining, Sunny Jim recharged my mobile in less than 30 minutes, and today recharged my iPOD in less than an hour.

Louis is stubbornly refusing to need to be recharged so I haven’t checked the time on that one out.

This despite nay-sayers telling me solar doesn’t work in the UK in November.


Now if we could only roll out solar panels on all roofs on new builds national we’d save a hell of a lot of CO2e emissions.

State of Denial – Fault Lines

Reasons why scientists had to take to the streets to defend their work, and the rational foundation of our society from ideologues.

The climate change deniers are simply using the same tried and trusted methods of the creationists and tobacco lobbies.

Don’t fall for it.

Cat in a drawer, Frostgrave, and How Long have we known about Global Warming ?

First the important bit:

Complete with cartoons, presented by Dr Kate Hayhoe.

An excellent entry level guide to the science of global warming and how it is not anything other than basic physics established over the last 200 years.

At the opposite end of climatic events, here is JP’s take on the couple of games we played last Friday. The Silent Tower, and bare buttocks (don’t ask !).

Now for the gratuitous Cat photo:

Spades decided that my half open drawer full of wooly jumpers and fleeces would be his nest for the night, so when I went to bed I left him in there and got woken up at 5am, suffering a +2 Trample Attack as he wanted to go get some food (so he walked over my chest and head).

Moreton Wood

In my role as Chairman of the Parish Council, the councillors were invited to take a walk round Moreton Wood, the owners of which were putting in a planning application for a new sustainable home.

More information here.

Moreton Wood is a chunk of 40 acres of partially ancient woodland, mixed in with some 60’s conifer plantation. The current owners are now returning the woodland to its traditional coppiced woodland, with native tree species. Each year they clear an area of approximately an acre hauling the felled wood by horse for processing on site on ancient trackways – some of which have parish boundary markings (ditches and mounds).

Pile of logs !

They process the wood for firewood (logs), planed timber, pimps (no, really !) which are bundles of kindling wood, and charcoal for BBQs (I’ve been buying for years) and many other purposes, along with material for furniture.

(Cleared area, one year later on a dreary November day)

Conifers which are generally not indigenous to the UK, were planted during and after WW1 to ensure that the country would have a reliable source timber (mainly for coal mine pit props). However, the regimented planting resulted in the conifers forming a continuous canopy that shaded out indigenous ground plant species, an effective mono-culture, and a reduced bio-diversity in woodland. Whilst steps can be taken to ameliorate these impacts, they are no substitute for a natural woodland that maximises bio-diversity.


Three years later…

When clearing the conifers woodland, after hauling the timber away, the brashings are used to create fencing, to protect the newly cleared land from deer. Annual surveys are carried out in accordance with Forestry Commission requirements.

The brashing fences collapse overtime, but last long enough and are a psychological barrier to deter the deer long for enough.
Pigs are used to help break up the soil and ground cover to allow indigenous species’ seeds colonise the area.

A more recent brashing fence.

Invasive species are removed to ensure that natural Ash, Birch and so on are allowed to establish themselves along with ground plants and flowers. As well as the fencing, brambles are allowed as they deter the deer. The deer are also managed by culling to prevent them grazing on the new saplings for the first 3 or so years after which they are established.

Charcoal burners

Deliberate planting of saplings is also carried out to help re-establish the natural coppice ecosystem and increase the density of the trees. This increased density means that the stumps will produce straighter poles that have more uses. Most of the ground plants flower and seed before the trees come into full leaf, so unlike in confier plantations/woods, can flower and seed naturally.

So far over the last 11 years the current owners have been busy coppicing the woodland and are now at the point of being able to harvest woodland they originally cleared.They also run workshops and sell products locally.

This pile of charocal consists of bits too small to sell for BBQs, but can be sold to other users who want smaller bits. It all needs seiving.

Planed wood.

Recently cleared woodland, with net fencing to keep the deer out.

brash fencing with in the background, a sapling with protective sleeve to stop deer stripping the bark off of it.

Their first buiulding, to house their office and for running workshops. The entire building weas constructed using traditional methods and local wood. Built on local stone pillars without cement etc, and raised by local people. They are slowly enclosing the walls and will provide heating and electricity. Top left in the photo, the solar panels provide all the power required, even during the last week (just) of foggy weather.

An inspiration to us all.

More information here.

AGW: Arguments from False Authority

Reposted from Potholer54:

A good explanation of why not to take the word of the talking heads on the goggle box, but instead invest your time in looking at the real science that points towards AGW theory.

AGW: The Deniersplits Song

One Denier, two Denier, three Denier, four.
Four Deniers are so dumb and so are many more.
Over blog and Op-Ed the Denier browsers go.
Never on the science ‘cos they don’t really wanna know.

Makin’ up a mess of science,
pukin’ up a mess of FUD
Lots of FUD for everyone
Troll la la, la la la la
Troll la la, la la la la
Troll la la, la la la la
Troll la la, la la la la

Four Denier, three Denier, two Denier, one.
All Deniers JAQing off in the bright warm sun.
Flippin’ like a pancake, popping like a cork.
Goddard, Watts an’ Booker how low can they all go ?


Two Denier, four Denier, one Denier, three.
Swingin’ like a bunch of monkeys, throwing shit from a tree.
Hey there, ev’rybody, won’t you come along and see.
How much the Denier shills can lie.


AGW: Personal Opinion

Frazzled after chairing our Parish Council meeting following the sacking of the clerk, I was pleased that our plans for hiking the council precept now we have found the black holes in the finances, i was pleased that all the council are on board and didn’t decide their opinions were more important than financial reality.


It’s a pity the Climate Change Deniers are not so amenable to addressing scientific reality.

Until they do, derision will be reward.

AGW: Science is a scam & local power cuts keep me in a panic

AGW denier, in another cut out and keep moment. Beware those pesky scientists, they want to keep you in a state of panic:


27 May 2014 4:28pm
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Researchers found that the term ‘global warming’ resonates far more powerfully, triggering images of ice melt and catastrophe

That’s what science is all about after all: creating panic as the means to engendering legitimacy.

So there you have it folks, as quoted from CiF. Best stop listening to all those scientists. 😉

Must be one reason why I’ve experienced half a dozen power cuts per day for the last 3 days – if BT aren’t trying to deny me access to the interwebnet, then it’s NPower !

He said grumnpily catching up on e-mails and blog posts !

AGW: False Balance in the media

Something that irritates me is False Balance in the media on AGW and climate change:

False balance, also referred to as false equivalence, is a real or perceived media bias, where journalists present an issue as being more balanced between opposing viewpoints than the evidence actually supports. Journalists may present evidence and arguments out of proportion to the actual evidence for each side, or may censor information which would establish one side’s claims as baseless.

So, with numerous studies showing 97% of those actively studying the climate expressing their personal opinion, AND, 97%+ of the papers publishedconfirming AGW, why do we get a false balance on TV, and other media outlets ?

You get the idea.