AVBCW: Behind the Scenes

All is quiet, quiet as a mouse, well that’s because BlackJack has probably killed them, meantime I’ve been busy.
So here’s a few glimpses of the behind the scenes stuff we do to put on our Big Games where we hire the village hall.

Roo dropped off “the beast”…his huge hill and some more river sections he has been working on. He kindly helped me load up my car with the table boards (ten 2×6 plywood boards) and then we emptied his car boot into mine. I added a few bags of hills and other stuff.

FYI, my car is an estate car so the 6′ long boards fit into the boot no problem…but that’s not enough room !!!

JP came round with his car, also an estate car, and we filled that up too…

Roo had done some 12 foot of river…and had helpfully labelled all the sections so they fitted together properly. That’s dedication.

JP and I spent about an hour setting up the tables, adding the boards and then doing the basic dressing of them. No trees, no bridges.

Needs more trees and railway track – and this basic level for the two tables took two of us an hour.

We’re back at 10am tomorrow to finish stuff off, open up the hall, and let the hordes in.

So I guess I’ll have some more exciting photos tomorrow !

One Response to AVBCW: Behind the Scenes

  1. Duke Roland says:

    Those tables look fantastic! I can’t wait to the next set of pictures.

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