All has been quiet here, but not in real life. Meetings of the Parish Council, Community Shop and Village Hall have soaked up time along with preparing for May’s elecgtion in which I am standing.

That said, I am no editing pictures of a Warhammer game from last Sunday which saw me thrashed by Ogres, and I’ve started a couple of simple projects:

Mason, over at the VBCF has produced some “Ladies” for the AVBCW game, and I naturally bought them. Arriving in double quick time these well scuplted and cast Ladies are armed mostly with shotguns, a few rifles and the characters pack has a Lewis Gun and second, and the leader has an SMG.

A cheap, quick and simple nostalgia project distracted my brain cell, and I got some sand dunes from Amera.

All busy being sprayed.

Sadly I don’t expect many more updates, as I am on the campaign trail Monday-Wednesday, with another meeting on Thursday evening. đŸ˜¦

Maybe I’ll be wrong…I am being encouraged to finish off my Bolshevik Cavalry…

Oh and another 4 hours was lost to another exercise in how to do filing properly.

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