WHFB: 2015 03 22 Ogres vs Dark Elves

Byakhee Jim & I held a short notice WHFB game using the Storm of Magic rules. because he was short on time it was a base of 2.5k PV plus the extra 25%Short on prep time I mangled my previous list as he had suggested he would be bringing an alliance of Bretonnians and Undead. I was determined to field the Carnosaur this time !

What I got opposing me was an Ogre Kingdoms army – a somewhat different prospect !

The set up.

Hmm, lots of Fast Cavalry against two massive blocks of Ogres.

And some Harpies, the bane opf any Ogre army…at least I did have a Giaat and a unit of CoK.

Witht he wonders of Vanguard move, and then winning the toss, my Fast Cavalry got round the side of the Ogre flank quickly. I also had a very good magic phase.

Getting off some spells to reduce the effectiveness of the Pegasus, and the Giant (which turned out to be a Bone grinder giant, so better than my ordinary giant).

Whilst pumping up the CoK, in case Jim decided to charge his Giant in against them.

BlackJack, looked on with approval.

To be continued…

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