AVBCW: Big Game 2015 03 14 Part 2

The battle now hotted up.

The MHC supported buy the pepperpot, seized the road junction to the west of the river/bridge just as the Anglicans under the devious Bishop of Ludlow arrived, and a shoot out started. The MHC QoD roared up and gave the BIsh’s forces a broadside to much squealling.

Meanwhile the BUF cavalry rode over the hedges and into the woods on the western side of ther river, to “menace” the Bishop’s forces who promptly had to turn and face this threat – Arrowmsith’s infamous cavalry charges could not be ignored !


Meanwhile, as Sir Gilbert’s latest steam A/C contraption chugged forward, Arrowsmith snarled and forced his QoD forward onto the bridge in order to support his infantry.

Verity’s forces burst out of the trees and started sniping at the BUF, along with Sir Giulbert’s retainers.

Lady Maud’s female Jaeger’s infliltrated the open woods on the east of the roiver, pasing the BUF mortar spotter team which had been firing ineffectually for several rounds.

More women emerge from the trucks !

Whilst Sir Gilbert’s WI rush forth to meet them and fire at them from behind the cover of an untrimed hedge…

Supported as they were by the gallant menfolk of Rev Verity and the (paid for) Police of Sir Gilbert.

Sir Gilbert and Rev Verity’s troops converge east of the bridge before the fiunal push from both sides.

(To be cont’d)

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