WHFB: 2015 03 22 An Inevitable Disaster

So the first round went quite well for me. Jim’s turn ended in not much happening with his untis failing charges left right and centre.

One nasty surprise:

Turns out this Pegasus had a breath weapon attack, and crisped two Dark Riders !

Jim’s Bone Grinder Ginat decided to charge the Carnosaur, wounded it, took some wounds in return and promptly fell over, crushing the Carnosaur in the process. Well at least the Carnosaur got on to the table. There it lay, outside the charge arc of my Giant, and I was wary of sending in my DE High Sorceress…

Meanwhile two Pegasus charged in against my Sorceress on the Arcane Fulcrum – at which point we found only one model can fight against a wizard on a fulcrum…which against the odds and thanks to the Ward Save (3+) meant my Sorceress held the combat. My plans for Dark Riders toppling Ogre Butchers off of fulcrums was quietly shelved.

Instead, I charged the CoK, the Dark Riders and the Wa`rlocks into the Ogre Leadbelcher unit. The Dark Riders failed their charge but at least were out of the pesgasus’ charge arc.

I lost three CoK on the charge and another when in combat, but managed to knock off 4 Ogres in the process of combat despite Jim managing to cast some regeneration on them.

I lined up flank and rear charges for the Dark Riders and Harpies on the Ogre bulls, but at this point it all went a bit wrong.

My giant failed his charge against the Ogre Bulls and top toed forwards. My Sorceress took and dealt out a wound but…

…The Ogre Bulls unit, with 5 characters in it flank charged the CoK who were still locked in combat with the Leadbelchers.
And then Jim roled 23 dice for his magic pool, against my 11. đŸ˜¦

My Silver Talons were nowhere to be seen, other than ambling round the centre of the board. The CoK were destroyed and the Warlocks survived if somewhat damaged.

At this pointI called it a day, as I had no heavy units to take on the Bull Ogre unit.

A withering glare from BlackJack.

Lessons Learnt:

  • I had the wrong army to fight Ogres !
  • I had way too much Fast Cavalry, and whilst good against man sized infantry, cannot take on monstrous infantry like Ogres
  • The Harpies, intended on picking off artillery and lone wizards ended up a waste of points
  • I got plain unlucky on a couple of key rolls (like the Giant failing his charge)
  • I wasted points on the pack of Cold Ones shielding the Sorceress on Arcane Fulcrum
  • Next time the points will be invested in the Sorceress’ having some magical weapons to up their chances of defeating attackers in combat
  • I’ll revisit the Executioers and Black Guard when facing Ogres or similar beasties in a Beastman army.

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  1. Wow! Far to complex for me :0!

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