AVBCW: 2015 03 14 Part Four – The Other Table and Porky Pies

Here’s some shots of the otehr table at the Big Game. Following on from last year’s game, the bridge at Titley Junction had been seized by a bunch of ne’er do wells, and the Royalists decided to dislodge them in a return attack ! Below this write up is a couple of links to other people’s blogs/propogande mouthpieces.

Roo’s Big Beast of a hill and bridge were back in action.

As were his colonial troops lead by his South Africans.

JP’s Royalist’s deployed.

Including a cunniongly disguised vehicle.

A/C’s climb up the embankment.

To fight the waiting Welsh and their AL allies.

Fighting on the ridge again.

Steve’s forces fight over the railway line.

The Royalists (JP, Roo & Steve) were triumphant, with the Welsh (Tom & J) conceeding defeat and withdrawing in good order.

Some other blogs – beware of the propoganda !

JP’s Hereford 1938 blog

Sir Gilbert’s View – from Doug of EM-4 miniatures.

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