AVBCW: Big Game 2015 03 14 Part 3

By now the BUF had secured the bridge and were racing to reinforce it, leaving my forces (the MHC) facing the Bishop of Ludlow’s forces, complete with their rocket launchers.

The Bishop’s French tank after paasing a nerve test, ramed the QoD in the side knocking it over, and causing it to explode !

My MHC section tookm cover behind various hard objects, the Morris A/C fired but failed to damage the Bish’s tank, and was in return fired upon several times and had its two weaponsn (Bren and BOYS) knocked out, rendering it a tin can much like the Bish’s tank. 😉

Whilst the pepperpot hastily reversed up the road to provide cover for its BUF comrades on the bridge, the BUF charged eastwards over the bridge and into Sir Gilbert’s rabble. The BUF’s QoD rode through this mess and injured precisely no-one based on my hastily made up rules for tank shock !

Lady Maud’s column advanced and engaged Sir Gilbert’s troops, distracting him sufficiently to prevent proper support in attacking the bridge.

Rev Verity’s bombers failed their nerve test and refused to attack the QoD which was immobilised but spitting HMG fire left right and centre at Verity’s other troop’s and Sir GHilbert’s that were facing off against Lady Maud’s troops as they moved through the open woodland.


The Bishop’s seamen had fired off their rockets, and armed with pistols lined up for a rendtion of YMCA before heading off for a cross country march. The rockets had rpoved not very effective (as all AVBCW contraptions should be), but had shelled the farmhosue taking out 3 brave MHC troops.

By now the Bish’s tank had roared off down the road after the pepperpot, but it was the closing stages of the game as dusk fell. The BUF section was eventually repulsed by Sir Gilbert’s lackeys, and regropuped on the bridge. the MHC had the equivalent of two sections holed up in the farmhouse a semi functioning mortar and HMG with which to fend off the sailor boys and the remaining section of Anglicans.

Lady Maud’s troops were barely scratched, and the BUF still ahd a cavalry squad menacing the flank of the Bishop.

The jury is still out on who actually won the battle.

Best of all a good time was had by all.

To follow: propoganda broadcasts by less worthy news-sources.

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