Mordheim: Rebuilding ruins again

In the last game, Byakhe Anthony had the raised market hall I createdabout 14 years ago.

It was a fairly common building in many rural market towns in the UK. Ihave the intact version from 4Ground to be built for my AVBCW games but it looks complex !

A very simple raised building that sheltered the lucky few market stalls underneath it, and often doubled as a town hall and so on. The base had warped meaning it spun on the spot, so I blu-tacked it down. Coming to remove the terrain….

Yup, the upper storey came off. As it was a very rough and ready job anyway I opted to keep it to hand for a proper rebuild.

As you can see the interior wasn’t done well, so will be receiving some balsa wood flooring. The pillars are also only about 2.5 inches high, and they really need to be 3 inches high so that fat fingered idiots like me can shove miniatures underneath it. Finally, the entire building should have stone flagged base for the Market.

This will mean a new base being created, the stairs being altered, and the interior being worked over.

This is this weeks project number one, with the next coming tomorrow…

In the mean time…

I renovated another of my original Mordheim buildings, again just a very simple set of washes and highlights of the plastic pieces and base.

The rubble was created from the old WH40K ruins piece, plus chopped up sprue pieces – simple !

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