Interlude – Presents

As an interlude (and because I am cream crackered after the weekend), a small update:

Top Left:
AVBCW dice by EM-4. Doug, one of my adversaries is the proprietor of Em-4 but kindly sold us these dice at a discount price on Saturday – thanks Doug !

Normal d6, but with the 6 replaced with a logo by PanzerKaput for one of the AVBCW factions. Not a transfer but actually etched into the surface so it won’t wear off.

Top Right:
Some RCW gun crew gifted to me by Tym on Saturday to compliment my current gun crew !

Bottom Left:

One rubber glove in black and red. Found on the front doorstep after the event, obviously brought home by a ferocious cat that had tracked it down and captured it.

Talking of The Glove:

A sweet slice of psychedelia.

And finally:

Bottom Right:

One rodent, probably a mouse, becauswe I am obviously not eating properly – too much fruit and veg.

Thanks BlackJack.

One Response to Interlude – Presents

  1. Roo says:

    The glove may be mine?

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