Amazon with Light Sabre

Collected some repairs and conversions today, amongst which was…

A C30 Amazon with Light Sabre.

As you can see from the one on the right, the original club/blowpipe (opinion is divided) is subject to damage given the age of the figures and the softer metal used back then.

The light sabre is a repair – brass rod with hollow red plastic sleeve.

I am very tempted to keep it like that as a “Power Sword” which as some may remember was an option in WHFB’s (2nd Edition) huge table of magic weapons.

Focused (2)

These are the figures I ran out of light for, and missed some highlights.

Ghouls for Ghost Archipelago

Another Treasure Hunter, a Citadel Cleric in this case.

She comes with a shiny shield.

Citadel Chaos Thug, a cultist barbarian, an iconic pose. For some reason his face seems different in the photo so might have to retouch it tomorrow.

Complete with decomposing head ! Lovely.

Alternative Armies wrecked cart. Conversely this looks better in the photo than in real life. Something has not clicked for me with this sculpt which is great.

Never mind, I have two more to do so maybe I’ll be happy 1

Next up another game of Ghost Archipelago.

And then some female cultists.

Focused (1)

.Right well as ever it never went as well as I’d thought, but here are 4 figures painted / finished in one day.

Another Treasure Hunter.

Again laden with stuff.

For some reason the lantern hasn’t come out well as it is more yellow than that !

Marvo, Shazzamm’s Apprentice. Another Citadel Cleric.

I chose them because their staffs were the same.

Another Captain, again a Foundry (ex Citadel) Medieval type.

The large shield is again a chance to paint with bright colours to break up the endless browns and silver !

A quickie – an old Citadel Night Horrors figure base painted by a friend (Joe) and then washed and highlighted by me today. Suitable for AVBCW, as he is toting a shotgun.

More to come, those that didn’t make the grade before the light was gone !


Back when I started this blog, I said it wasn’t going to be a day by day account of how many times I’d been to the toilet and what I’d eaten, and hopefully I’ve kept to that. That said, yesterday and today are going to be a bit of a micro management exercise. I have a game lined up for tomorrow (Monday) so as an exercise in how this can focus your braincell on getting some figures painted (of which precious few have been done recently) here’s a couple of posts…

here’s the tabletop that needs clearing. A couple of dozen figures and thrice that if paint pots.

This did provoke me yesterday (Saturday) to finish off two of the blighters that have sat there 90% done for the last fortnight.

First off a treasure Hunter, she’s been done for some time

Lots of gear on her, and for some reason I have equipped or chosen all the treasure hunters, to have lanterns. Don’t know why, but it helps them stand out from the thieves and thugs on the tabletop I suppose

Then a gaudy knight, again a Foundry (ex citadel) Medieval figure. It gives me an excuse to break out some “colour”.

Very simple and easy to paint.

Two down at least half a dozen to go !
Let’s see how many i can do…

C33 Wizard on Whirlwind

This is one of the rarer C33 Adventurer packs from the mid 1980’s as slot bases were rolled out.

Does what it said on the (blister) pack, but hang on, it’s not that simple.

Yes, the “tab” is virtually non existent, so amongst a grab bag of stuff I took to Byakhee Richard was this one, there was no way simple stupid glue would suffice to keep this on a base.

So Richard pinned it, added a stabilising square of something, and then a metal washer to provide weight to the base (30mm GW round base).

Much better.

The female wizard on foot.

On the whirlwind. I base coated it with a dark silver and then worked up to white.

The pair together.

Sharp eyed people will have noticed that I have two of them (see the tab photo, and the raw metal, compare and contrast oxidation of the white metal).

Best check on the wizard on flying carpet next.


In between dispiriting visits to houses to buy I managed to do some painting.

Citadel Lord of Battle, Axel Starsong. One of those figures I had to have, but never got round to painting. Will do service as a Templar.

Citadel Paladin, Lady Zoneliegh. She will do service as a Captain.

Foundry Pict crossbowman, who will do service as err, a crossbowman, I know it was an inspired choice.

Citadel Familiar, because ….

CP Models, dungeon treasure items, yes I know I said I wasn’t going to get sidetracked but I’d ordered them along with the toads sown to finish them off. Nice items, only annoyance is the bases are smaller than the 25mm round bases I use for all the other treasure items.

And finally…

Thing !

I think this was included both in the Citadel Familiars range and the Night Horros range.

So it’ll double up as a familiar and a Construct.

In the meantime…

FG: The Final Battle (Part Two) – How to kill a Liche Lord

The Wraith Knights started stalking purposefully toward our two war bands. Fortunately, one for each of us.

the first one got to Thaddeus’ war band, before the one (far left) was just behind a piece of scenery where I had an Archer, Ranger and my Captain. (The Green Knight despite being buffed with fleet feet was still some way behind)

Ipounced with the three aforementioned figures utilising my Captain’s Group Activation (3) trait. This enabled my Captain to put the foul undead out of this world – especially as she had been equipped with a Ring of Life giving her another bonus on her Fight skill.

Moments later, the other Wraith Knight was despatched by Thaddeus’ minions.

In the mean time Thaddeus’ war band had also been exchanging fire with the Liche Lord to mutual ineffective. (I expect nothing less of Thaddeus, but the Liche Lord ?)

So Holbron cast Draining Word on the Liche Lord’s favourite spell (Elemental Bolt) just too help buy some more time.

Thaddeus sent his usual demented mutt into combat with the Liche Lord. Typically Jon rolled a 20 in combat ! But of course cringing canines do not come equipped with magical teeth, so the combat was technically won by Fluffy even if no damage was done. BUT this move did mean the Liche was immobilised and unable to cast magic as both of us moved in for the kill now all the Liche’s minions were dead dead. (They’re dead Dave, they’re all dead Dave.)

My Captain pounced at this opportunity ! Eager to claim the kill for herself and Holbron. By now even the Green Knight had caught up.

Thaddeus’ minions piled in as well.

But my Captain was the first to defeat the evil Liche Lord, and turn him in to a pile of dust and rags.
(I even forgot to add in the Elemental Hammer damage bonus I’d buffed her with the previous round !)

With the creator dead, the floating castle started to quake and fall apart. Naturally the coining scum of Holbron’s entourage seized two treasures and legged it.

Talking of cringing scum, as Holbron’s war band made for safety (it’s different to running away), they saw Thaddeus and Oddleigh (his odd apprentice) holding hands and dropping off the floating fortress. Sounds like they DESCENDED rather than TRANSCENDED. 😉

With all his war band safely on the ground, and proclaiming victory to the cheering crowds,Holbron was still not satisfied. Thaddeus had escaped his justice, and the cheap baubles in the six treasure chests had not slaked his thrust for riches of arcane power.

Something is changing here with my nemesis escaping, we must look to the future, intoned Holbron to his apprentice Gideon, and they weren’t even holding hands.

Yes, the campaign was complete, another excellent game had, leaving me with some questions to be resolved.