FG: Secrets Uncovered

Now that we had finished the last campaign, I suggested to JP that we do Forgotten Pacts. For once JP had a random day available, so off we went !

Unfortunately, I’d managed to lose Louis the camera, so all the photos are from JP.

JP’s failing wretch, which resembles neither of us !!!

As per the scenario, we only had half our war bands, so I fielded Shazam! first, with a mysterious new warrior with a great big axe.

And JP did the opposite – Apprentice and Captain, which I had planned for the next part of the scenario.

Aeon’s warband struck first killing a failing wretch.

And then the puppy killers shot my war hound.

Before shooting the second failing wretch.

With such firepower Shazam! approached the central treasure which was an Amulet of Constancy somewhat cautiously.

Before sprinting in to action after his Illusionary Soldier had been revealed ! His Rangerer joined him as the enemy war hound attacked. Obviously this brutal beast got the treatment it deserved.

A timely retreat was in order.

An act of petty revenge and the Rangerer/meat shield was cut down.

Quite a quick game, not surprisingly due to only having half sized war bands. We forgot to have a failing wretch guarding the amulet.

Now on to the second part of the scenario with the other half of the war bands with roles reversed…

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