FG: The Coming of Ambronnax

The third part of the first scenario. We were amazed we’d got through the first two scenarios so fast.

Slight re-arrange of scenery.

My full warband, and this time, Axel Starsong is a real Templar with a real double handed weapon ! As JP comment4d, he knew it was a real soldier this time as I couldn’t do the same trick twice. Though there may also have been another illusionary soldier along for the ride.

Aeon’s bunch of hippies opposite.

The target as per the scenario was the central treasure with the true name of Ambrronix.

My warband punted on the first treasure luring the failing wretch to jus, which my REAL templar promptly dispatched.

Whilst the second wretch was felled by Aeon’s Demon hunter – this is a scenario about demons so it was totally appropriate !

As my rangers lugged the treasure away, Shazzam’s! Captain and Templar reached the central alter and took the central treasure, along with the war hound, only for Ambronnax to materialise.

At this point both Jp and I went in to narrative overdrive as opposed to power gaming.

A failing wretch popped up and attacked Shazzam! My ranger intervened and helped Shazzam! fell the creature. Curiously the thug didn’t. 😉

Having no beef with the demon, my Captain, Templar and war hound made a swift exit – well as swift as one action allows (scenario rules).

But Aeon threw her minions at this dangerous demon as per her back story as written by JP.

A few sticks were hurled at the war hound who became confused that they were aimed at it, not for it.

But this didn’t stop me from half hinching another piece of treasure.

Captain, Demon Hunter, thugs were all thrown in to the fray by Aeon (JP). At this point a lot of good fighters went down against the demon.


The demon was being whittled down on Health points despite the Captain dying, the demon slayer dying etc…


…it was felled by a roll of 20 by the last remaining thug !

An excellent game that swung back and forth until decided by a final single dice roll.

JP advanced the narrative and I have now threatened to use the True Name of Ambronnax to forge a pact to help play in to this narrative.

Here is JP’s take on these three scenarios.

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