FG: Time Rot

Scenario One, Part Two.

This was the second part of the scenario where the “other” half of the warband got to fight.

We didn’t shift the scenery around much as we wanted another quick game.

Aeon and her minions this time – the reverse of what happened before.

Marvo III and the Captain with a few side kicks.

Off we go, I picked up some loot, and a Barbarian Thief was attracted to the sound of gold coins ! This would prove a rather important event later.

Whilst Aeon’s thief lugged away another item of treasure.

Alerting a ghoul, hunched, dirty and generally insanitary. So nothing like JP or I. 😉

This time we had remembered to add the failing wretch to the central item (another Amulet of Constancy), but that was drawn off when it went for one of JP’s thugs, thus leaving my tunnel fighter and Captain to nab it. At this point the Captain was on one Action due to the Initiative Roll table that is special to this scenario !

Marvo III had hidden from the Barbarian thief, and my thief and illusionary soldier were trying to peg it, when the Barbarian caught up with them.

My Captain made a rush for Aeon to slay here (again), and ended in combat with a thug, who slew him (again). Worth a try.

A threesome – my thief, Aeon’s Archer, and the barbarian thief…we all fall down.

So Aeon (JP) one the battle, as I only got 3 items off, but I did get the second Amulet much to JP’s annoyance.

On to the third and final part of the scenario…

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