FG: The House of the Golem

The third and final scenario of the Golem campaign.

Alan and I had a gaming session and finished the campaign off, played on his newly fashioned white battle mat (courtesy of his wife Rita).

We also borrowed the Golem from Jon.

The enemy, clearly aiming to move in, and cross the bridge (RHS of photo).

Shazamm!’s minion raced forward only to be stymied by a Wall spell cutting the war hound of from his owners, poor mutt. You can guess what the puppy killers did next.

And then the Golem spotted my minions, and charged into combat. Luckily I had three in combat with the stone construct.

Meanwhile things kicked off in the middle of the table where the Golem had been.

M<y captain decked the Golem (shamefully both Aland and I forgot to roll to see if it exploded, as I often say, if we get it wrong, make sure we get it consistently wrong so no-one is disadvantaged).

Shazzam! – in combat with a zombie summoned by the enemy (Hashpot Dribbleweed).

All too easy !

But things weren’t all going my way…

Hashpot had a pyhrric victory, losing 3 minions to my two, but gaining the treasure.

The battle swung in Alan’s favour, with the Captain being downed by an Elemental bolt.

And then Marvo III was cut down similarly – he survived on the recovery roll.

Shazam! cut down another enemy, but it was too late to rescue much of the loot.

Alan’s Wizard conclusively won the battle with 4 items of loot to my two.At least I had no casualties.

Now on to the next battle with two new Wizards…

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