FG: 2018 08 01 The Library

Now I’ve only played this scenario once before with JP. But after the delivery of the Mantic terrain with lots of Library bookshelves, now was the time to have a re-run.

I hadn’t painted all the terrain I had, but I had enough to make a good fist of it.

I printed out and laminated the Frosgtrave dungeon tiles some time ago so these were deployed as well and arranged to break up the board a bit.

I also dug out some very old Citadel and metal Magic dungeon furniture I’d never used before.

This time it ws Silas crow vs my Soothsayer Kenny (and his sidekick Craig – I must think of better names).

First round, and Silas’ crossbowman scores a critical on Criag the Apprentice. Dead.

As I commented: “Pity, he was the one with the Potion of Invulnerability”.

Yes, you can see where this is going.


I mobbed the “reveal Secret” treasure, and hoped to push forward to the next one (upper left of the photo).

My Archer returned the compliment in the next round, killing Silas’ Crossbowman.

My Ranger who had had “Fleet Feet” cast on him nabbed the treasure and headed for the exit doorway.

My war hound made a suicde run at the barbarian and promptly got killed.

In picking up my third piece of treasure, I triggered a wandering monster.

There were no XP for where that turned up, yup at my entrance doorway, just as my thug arrived carrying my first treasure.

AsAlan commented, this was a story of woe he could not have written.

The only upside was another good shot from my Archer, as he, the Ranger and Thug retreated with treasure towards the exit doorway.

My attempts to half hinch the third treasure were not going well as a bear, infantryman, archer and minor demon of Silas’ moved in.

And then Kenny and the Apothecary were attacked by Silas’ war hound but fortunately despatched the slavering hound.

So with full retreat underway, my thief got bone darted in the back by Silas’ diminutive assistant.

But my parting shot, literally, was my Archer killing the wounded bear.

After that I fled the battle field.

All in all, the day was like Planet 9 from Outer Space. So bad it was funny.

At least this second scenario netted Kenny two treasures and two level increases.

My luck can only increase from such a low level.

(Famour last words)

FG: 2018 08 01 The Mausoleum

A trip to Aland & Rita’s for a game. We were using low level war bands, and as I was brining scenery I prepared for it the day before. Or so I thought.

Alan had set up before I arrived, I chose to start on the right, he on the left.

Shazam!’s war band. Off to the left was a Thief and a Thug.

Silas Crow’s set up. At this point, Alan had not set his hopes high as his previous outing had been “not very good”.

After casting Fools Gold (failing Reveal Secret), Shazaam! his Apothecary and Tunnel Fighter mobbed the first skeleton and won. So far so good. It was not to last.

Silas used Telekenesis (Alan’s favourite spell I think) to move one of my treasures away from me, so I chased after it sending the war hound forward only for it to be shot down by an archer.

Marvo the Apprentice, and a thug dealt with the first skeleton that came out of the Mausoleum.

Only this meant they were jumped on by Silas’ war hound, and then the next skeleton which popped up behind them.

Apprentice down !

On the other side, things were also not going well, the Treasure Hunter went down, the bear jumped my Tunnel Fighter and shortly my thief encountered another skeleton !

Thief and Thug grabbed some treasure, which triggered a wandering monster to appear…next to them.

The pipe cleaner ice Spider was dispatched but by now I was running low on minions, and lower on treasure.

A swirling melee erupted.

My only consolation, Silas summoned an Imp that promptly attacked one of his own minions, not that it helped me as my Thief went down, leaving the Apothecary facing off against a bear and thief.

Shazzam! made himself scarce with ZERO treasure !

Now I’d been thinking I should have a Captain, but it wasn’t on the print out I had with me so played it straight. On my return later that afternoon, I found I did in fact have a Captain. So his wages were docked, and the “set print area” for the spreadsheet got amended pronto.

Every single one of my minions were down and out. So I grimly sat there and rolled the dice….15+ on every single roll except for the war hound who dies ( a 1). If only I’d had that sort of dice rolling in game.

So Shazzam! ended up poorer after that game, and due to lousy dice rolls, gained only one level of XP.

On to the next game, which was even worse.

Terrain Crate – 2

Another manic week with maybe a glimmer of hope of a suitable property to buy, in the real world.

In the mean time here’s some more bits of terrain.

Two more bookcases, I’ll be gluing them together, and the library ladder on little wheels to allow a wizard to reach the topmost shelves.

Obviously this can be used in a home brew scenario to reach specific grimoires.

Writing desk.

The picture seems to make it more warped than it actually is. Only a few of the terrain crate items had any warpage, and in my case it was the legs on this, not the actual surface.

This can be fixed with the usual warm/cold water dousing. Of course by the time I’d undercoated and started painting the advice arrived. So the next one will get treatment if needed.

two more piles of treasure !

Now for something almost completely different:

Three crypts, this time by Ainsty. Nice terrain piece because…

The ceruypt lids come off, so secrets can be slipped in there. Again ideal for a home brew scenario, in which crypt is the treasure hidden ?

the kit comes with skeletons that can replace the lids, these are WIP.

Right back to the bay brown for more stuff from the wizards library.


Ok, just finishing off some more Mantic Terran stuff, so here’s another item I got this week.

Yes – a gavel.

As regulars will have noticed, I allude to the fact I am chairman of the local council, and had a particularly contentious planning application with an expectation a lot of the public would turn up and want to have their say.

On top of which, when attending training courses – yes councillors do get training – I had been hassled to get a gavel.

So now seemed to be the time. So I had one produced for me by a local carpenter.

The carpenter turned this order round in one day despite being away over the w/e. he did his homework and found out that traditional gavels are made out of yew tree wood.

So that’s what he did – I think he enjoyed it as an alternative to his main business of kitchen units and work tops.

Fortunately, I did not have to use the item during the meeting as the council was prepared beforehand via a BBQ we held, and as I read out the list of complaints we had already received and simply asked “Does anyone have anything new and novel to add to this discussion ?”.

Its my own personal property, and I think it will be useful for adjudicating in RPG and war-games sessions if the players get unruly. 🙂

Ghost Archipelago: The Abandoned Tower (Part Two)

By now I’d sent a crewman into the abandoned tower after the central treasure.

After the screecher monkey had been killed, again by mobbing by my crew.

But not before a Mountain Goat had turned up, to attack the herbalist and his crewman sidekick.

But not for long, unfortunately elsewhere one of my crewmen bringing up the rear went down.

And then both a tree spider and giant crab, man turned up (typically I had not brought my crabmen with me).

So a very out of scale Stegasaurus was used, and as you can see, the random monsters were getting in the way of me getting off the table with my loot. (upper part of the photo are my Guide and “Black Archer” trying to lift another treasure away without much luck I must say).

No this really isn’t going to work.

And it didn’t most of my crew went down on this side of the board.

Of course this left the cabman to bear down on to Jim’s forces, along with blood bats, and the Eritrean, resulting in Doozlebat running away (again).

lwaading to my Heritor with a hop skip and a jump, kill the tree spider, Sprint round pick up a treasure and bolt for it.

Whilst my warden undertook a rearguard action fending off his opposing number with traded “projectiles” leading to casualties on both sides.

End result ?

I had the central treasure (forgot to climb the tower with my Heritor), plus one ordinary treasure.

Jim’s heritor Doozelbat had two ordinary treasure, but the fifth one was unclaimed.

Therefore I won, but I feel it was a somewhat hollow victory.

I’m aiming to have stuff ready for either the Stone Circle or the Saurian breakfast as our next scenarios.

Ghost Archipelago: The Abandoned Tower (Part One)

On one hand I can’t believe it’s been five days since an update, but on the other hand and on reflection I can. I had to chair a council meeting with 53 angry parishioners.

So, Jim’s suggestion of a gaming session was very timely once I’d slept off that event.

Rather than a simple head to head, I managed to find a scenario we had scenery and monsters for. The Abandoned Tower.(p110 off the GA rulebook)

Our combined scenery.

Jim continues to have a painted war band whilst mine of embarrassingly in indecent states of undauntedness. I am finishing off the normal Frostgrave stuff still. That’s my excuse and I am sticking to it.

My deployment was aimed at getting this item of treasure, along with the central one.

As my A Team approached the tower, one of the giant snakes moved forward. Jim has an extensive collection of cheap kid’s toys that double up for our games as perilous foes, so he chose both a giant snake model and this centipede model.

My Heritor and her crew mobbed the giant snake, and she killed it (more XP)

Whilst my Warden cast “Brambles” to keep the enemy at bay.

Jim’s Warden played the inevitable card of summoning wandering monsters and throughout the game managed to have them pop up behind my war band.

This one was an Erithrean, whose write up is a bit vague and we couldn’t find any FAQ via his smart phone. I resisted the comment of calling it Jimbo (oops) s it was represented by a small elephant model.

Meanwhile, Jim’s forces (Doozlebat – his one and only name for leaders) and approached the tower and encountered the other giant snake, which was actually represented by a giant snake (!), and lost a crewman.

before the Warden and co mobbed it and killed it.

Meanwhile on the other side of the table, I had seized both target treasures and was trying to make a quick get away….

Then all went wrong, firstly for me, and then Jim…

Crabby Wizard with Gold

Another re-based and touched up C02 Wizard that I did back in Uni.

Just touched up the red and the flesh, should make a good apprentice for the previous wizard I painted up in red with a bald head.

A pile of gold – wizard for size comparison.

This is one of the Mantic terrain items so you can see the size of them. Paints up easily. Obvious scenario marker/objective, probably spend a round filling your pockets and get out !

And finally, the second giant crab man.

A bit more articulate !