FG 2018 08 31: Total Eclipse

Aland and I had another games session and we moved on to the Thaw of the Liche Lord to provide some difference.

It was Rinsesoap Washbag vs Shazamm! (the Mighty).

Shazzam’s warband

Rinseoap’s war band with the inevitable bear – always turns up. I should never have sold Alan that model.

The inevitable Telekeniss spell moved the treasure out of my grasp as I moved my band forward.

And when treasure wa picked up, you can guess where the wandering Minor Demon turned up. Yup, right behind me.

The inevitable fate of all war hounds. My ranger and the hound had moved forward to menace Rinsesoap and gain a treasure.

Deja Vu – another treasure hunter goes down !

The Templar did at least kill the Minor Demon.

As my nattily attired their and Tunnel Fighter legged it with some loot.

Meanwhile Rinsesoap’s Archer and Intfantryman were flanking me.

Whilst playing mind games and stealing my treasure.

The Templar meanwhile was covering Shazzam’s strategic withdrawal, and another war hound went down.

A mind controlled archer, attacked Rinsesoap, only to be defeated.

The Templar was defeated by the `barbarian and Infatnryman

But not before a mind controlled bear had been set upon Rinsesoap by Shazam !

I scooted the rest of my war band off, leaving the bear to be downed by the rest of Rinsesoap’s war band – as Alan commented, he had to kill more of his war band than I did !

Result – he won, but at least this time I escaped with three treasure chests.

The Total Eclipse happened, so we each got the extra 50XP as well.

On to the second scenario…

Stairways to Heaven (and more)

As used in the Walenton Manor scenario, here are the stairways used.

They are by Blotz.

MDF, easy to put together and cheap.

I have done stairways using balsa but these seemed an easy option.

Painted the usual grey, weathered with brown and green to represent dirty footprints, and then highlighted light grey at the edges for definition.

I hadn’t got round to the highlights in time for the Walenton Manor game.

Candles on stands, from the Mantic Wizard’s library set.

A pile of treasure chests and scrolls, again by Mantic.

And finally, a very long awaited finished version ion the Northstar Lectern.

And yet another double;e height bookcase…two Mantic bookcases glued together. That’ll make a good place to put a treasure and make adventurers climb for their loot !

FG 2018 08 22 Walenton Manor

The second game Aklan and I played, from the Arcane Locations scenarios in the Frostgrave Folio.

This required two tables to represent the cellar and upper floor of the manor.

The upper floor

The cellar, with Kenny & Criag’s war band deployed.

There were four staircases (a forthcoming post) which move randomly, and were linked to exit points (trapdoors) on the upper floor.

Reveal Secret ! Only Alan’s lot went after it as well (boo-hiss).

Climbing up the staircase, Craig the Apprentice got zapped with a bone dart by Alan’s pesky Wizard.

You can see where this game was going…

The thug and war hound moved forward to confront he enemy Captain, with fatal consequences.

On both sides !

Meanwhile, Kenny had managed to get topsides with his Apothecary in tow. Unfortunately, so had the enemy and Alan’s obligatory Bear and sidekick had also…

My thieves were busy carrying off the loot, but the enemy war hound got in the way, briefly !

Two more casualties for me.

At this point it was a case of FLEE !

I got away with two treasures and precious little else.

Over in an hour.

FG 2018 08 22 The Pits of Null

Another visit to the cursed gaming room of Alan (the well laden table Rita puts on).

We played The Pits of Null from the Sellsword supplement in the Folio.

Board set up as per scenario.

Shazzam! (The Mighty)’s war band.

Oh dear, first turn, the Templar gets an arrow in the face before he could even move.

After using telekinesis to move treasure towards him Rinsesoap Washbag’s Barbarian was subjected to Mind Control by Marvo the III, and moved into combat with the Zombie !

My Captain and Tunnel Fighter went in against one of the Nullmen, and killed it.

Other Nullmen closed in on Rinsesoap Washbag though…

But that didn’t stop his archer killing my war hound. This was all in the first turn !

Mind Control games continued and I sent his Barbarian who was wounded in against a Nullman…who prevailed.

Another Nullman came off worse against the opposing Captain.

Typically 2 wandering Zombies turned up behind Shazzam!, one was immediately decked.

Hashpot’s Ranger shot another Nullman at point blank range.

Marvo the III put down another Nullman.

Whilst racing to defend a Treasure Hunter of Shazzam’s, the Captain went down.

before Marvo III went down to a summoned Imp !

As did the Treasure Hunter.

By this time, I had 3 treasures, so considering that a “victory” headed for home ASAP.

This just left dashpot to collect his third treasure and escape – but not before his Apprentice went down to a Nullman’s attacks.

Pretty much a draw, probably slightly in favour of Alan’s wizard.

We then moved on after lunch to the next game…

A change of Scenery ?

Well I’ve been busy for the last 2 weeks, having finally put in a bid on a new house. Unfortunately it needs an extension, so I have been knee deep in estate agents, solicitors, surveyors and builders. And then I went to another property today that is more expensive but needs no work.

So my head as been elsewhere.

On the upside I have managed to finish some scenery, and had two games with Alan (which will come tomorrow).

Here’s some Terrain Crate scenery by Mantic.

Pile of armour and weapons – the sword handles are Spearshaft not red.

Rear view of the pile, as commented earlier, this could be a specific treasure roll on a specific treasure table.

Double height bookcase with library ladder.

More bookcases, this time Spearshaft NOT Bay Brown. More of these beggars are on their way.

A mirror, is it magical, is that a face looking out ?

And finally…

Small bridge by Blotz who deliver their stuff dead quick – there’s more of their MDF stuff on the way too.

FG: 2018 08 01 The Library

Now I’ve only played this scenario once before with JP. But after the delivery of the Mantic terrain with lots of Library bookshelves, now was the time to have a re-run.

I hadn’t painted all the terrain I had, but I had enough to make a good fist of it.

I printed out and laminated the Frosgtrave dungeon tiles some time ago so these were deployed as well and arranged to break up the board a bit.

I also dug out some very old Citadel and metal Magic dungeon furniture I’d never used before.

This time it ws Silas crow vs my Soothsayer Kenny (and his sidekick Craig – I must think of better names).

First round, and Silas’ crossbowman scores a critical on Criag the Apprentice. Dead.

As I commented: “Pity, he was the one with the Potion of Invulnerability”.

Yes, you can see where this is going.


I mobbed the “reveal Secret” treasure, and hoped to push forward to the next one (upper left of the photo).

My Archer returned the compliment in the next round, killing Silas’ Crossbowman.

My Ranger who had had “Fleet Feet” cast on him nabbed the treasure and headed for the exit doorway.

My war hound made a suicde run at the barbarian and promptly got killed.

In picking up my third piece of treasure, I triggered a wandering monster.

There were no XP for where that turned up, yup at my entrance doorway, just as my thug arrived carrying my first treasure.

AsAlan commented, this was a story of woe he could not have written.

The only upside was another good shot from my Archer, as he, the Ranger and Thug retreated with treasure towards the exit doorway.

My attempts to half hinch the third treasure were not going well as a bear, infantryman, archer and minor demon of Silas’ moved in.

And then Kenny and the Apothecary were attacked by Silas’ war hound but fortunately despatched the slavering hound.

So with full retreat underway, my thief got bone darted in the back by Silas’ diminutive assistant.

But my parting shot, literally, was my Archer killing the wounded bear.

After that I fled the battle field.

All in all, the day was like Planet 9 from Outer Space. So bad it was funny.

At least this second scenario netted Kenny two treasures and two level increases.

My luck can only increase from such a low level.

(Famour last words)

FG: 2018 08 01 The Mausoleum

A trip to Aland & Rita’s for a game. We were using low level war bands, and as I was brining scenery I prepared for it the day before. Or so I thought.

Alan had set up before I arrived, I chose to start on the right, he on the left.

Shazam!’s war band. Off to the left was a Thief and a Thug.

Silas Crow’s set up. At this point, Alan had not set his hopes high as his previous outing had been “not very good”.

After casting Fools Gold (failing Reveal Secret), Shazaam! his Apothecary and Tunnel Fighter mobbed the first skeleton and won. So far so good. It was not to last.

Silas used Telekenesis (Alan’s favourite spell I think) to move one of my treasures away from me, so I chased after it sending the war hound forward only for it to be shot down by an archer.

Marvo the Apprentice, and a thug dealt with the first skeleton that came out of the Mausoleum.

Only this meant they were jumped on by Silas’ war hound, and then the next skeleton which popped up behind them.

Apprentice down !

On the other side, things were also not going well, the Treasure Hunter went down, the bear jumped my Tunnel Fighter and shortly my thief encountered another skeleton !

Thief and Thug grabbed some treasure, which triggered a wandering monster to appear…next to them.

The pipe cleaner ice Spider was dispatched but by now I was running low on minions, and lower on treasure.

A swirling melee erupted.

My only consolation, Silas summoned an Imp that promptly attacked one of his own minions, not that it helped me as my Thief went down, leaving the Apothecary facing off against a bear and thief.

Shazzam! made himself scarce with ZERO treasure !

Now I’d been thinking I should have a Captain, but it wasn’t on the print out I had with me so played it straight. On my return later that afternoon, I found I did in fact have a Captain. So his wages were docked, and the “set print area” for the spreadsheet got amended pronto.

Every single one of my minions were down and out. So I grimly sat there and rolled the dice….15+ on every single roll except for the war hound who dies ( a 1). If only I’d had that sort of dice rolling in game.

So Shazzam! ended up poorer after that game, and due to lousy dice rolls, gained only one level of XP.

On to the next game, which was even worse.