FG: The Attack Site (Part 2)

Jo had been reading my bat reps, and had picked up the Mind Control spell, and used it on the bear, heading it toward my minions, and of course the wall faded away.

But as one wall went down, another went up ! Thadeus’ barbarian had found the Golem Notes, and stuffed them in his loincloth (where he also kept something also small…).
So intent on getting the notes the Apprentice was moved to create a new wall cutting the barbarian off from escape.

And so I sent in my Treasure hunter and Ranger, only for the barbarian to trash both of them !

(Wall removed for dramatic purposes)
This left my Captain and the pushed back treasure hunter to deal with the thieving barbarian.

Meanwhile on the other side of the board, a boar turned up preventing an easy escape for one of Thaddeus’ minions.

Thaddeus’ barbarian drank a potion of leaping, and escaped my trap !

Cursing the low life, Lady K’s warband decided to make a decent orderly retreat.

The bear jumped one of my Rangers who had been limping off the board with a treasure chest. The Captain was then sent in, and the bear was defeated.

but then Thaddeus used the Mind Control spell to control the Captain, only for Lady K to Dispel it.

..just as the Blue Knight went in to the fray, and who was then defeated.

And the game ended with my Ranger finally putting down he invincible zombie, after some 6 turns of combat !

Overall, we both left the board with 4 treasures each, though one of JP’s was the Golem Papers, so overall a marginal victory for Thaddeus IMHO.

So Lady K was on a mission to catch up with this Golem…

FG: The Attack Site (Part 1)

A visit to price Towers on Friday, and we agreed to start the Hunt for the Golem campaign – three scenarios. JP had the digital download and I didn’t so I was going in blind. I decided that I’d play Lady Katherine, as an Enchanter she should be working up to making and animating a Construct so it fitted with her narrative to go hunting a real live construct – a Golem.

JP has been busy with mdf scenery and now has an impressive board to set up. Very chilly.

Hunting for the rogue Golem, the war bands stumble on a site of carnage, with body parts in piles everywhere, so they say about investigating, to see what if anything the corpses can tell them about the Golem.

JP fielded the thrice cursed Thaddeus and his warband.

lady K teleported to one of the grisly sets of remains only for it to arise from the dead as a zombie ! Soon dealt with, as Lady K now has a =2 Magic Sword…

And my treasure hunter did the same, and again found a zombie. Whilst not defeating the zombie the treasure hunter defeated it in combat and used it off the pillar. Little did either player realise, this zombie would hang around as an invincible blast from the past the entire game tying up two of my models (and two out of 11 is a lot !)

Luckily, whilst i was distracted, a wandering bear turned up and took on two of Jp’s gang.

teleporting to the next treasure Lady K, was looking for some papers rumoured to contain secrets as to how to make this rogue Golem. Alas, all it was was another very rich victim (treasure chest).

Lady K’s Apprentice cast a Wall to protect the minions, and JP sent a thief who had used an invisibility potion to secure one of his treasures.

Behind the wall, a Ranger wades in to help the treasure hunter against the invincible zombie…with precious little result…

My owes were mirrored by the bear mauling to death JP’s Captain.

To be cont’d…

Scenery: Another Pringles tube tower !

Right, a project that has been loitering with intent to not get finished.

For the Frostgrave scenario The Silent Tower, I need two small towers, and one large tower.

Now I had already done one of the small towers (two storeys high), but the second was resisting my charms as scenery boy.

As Oper my previous post, the tube had been cut up, and then covered in masonry paint. Unlike the previous tower, which was more open and used ladders, I went for the insane idea of spiral staircases.

here it is, yes two spiral staircases all made out of balsa wood. The base of the tower also had more of the dolls house flagstones added, just for completeness’ sake.

So two small towers now complete.

Now for the big tower which will be 4-5 storeys high – I’ve painted the inside with masonry paint, and added two lugs to support the second floor.

Now all I have to do is complete this for Saturday when I hope to run the scenario – nothing like a deadline to focus my braincell.

Unfortunately, I am out Friday at JP’s gaff playing games, have visitors Friday PM, and then the lads arrive Saturday morning. So I now only have 48 hours to complete the tower really as I am out this evening !!

Scenery – more walls

For Xmashammer, I ahd to dig out some plastic walls I had for the third scenario.

But Quelle Horror – they were unpainted.

So I decided to very quickly paint them and add to the scenery pile I could legitimately use.

They were from the GW Empire Farm set (now OOP, as ever). Rather than grey coping stones I went with reddish ones for a bit of variety.

The gate sections.

Useful for WHFB, Frostgrave and Mordheim.

Whilst I was at it, I found an offset of foam board, and made a 5th Wall for Frostgrave.

Now all I need to do is model some walls with Cats on top of them.

As my neighbours’ cat knows, walls are only there to help them get higher up into the trees, and their next snack.

FG: The Frostgrave Folio Nickstarter

I’m not in the habit of directly promoting commercial products, but here’s one I do want to promote:

The Frostgrave Folio

IT’s a steal at £10 for the book, which is in itself good value for money.

Here’s a review of it.
As with all “Nickstarters” you get add ons, in this case a range of figures. So we are currently at 588 books bought, just short of the 750 stretch goal to get the final add on of an Apprentice.

You’ll get the 5 plastic multi part barbarians and metal conversion parts which are worth about £7 alone…

But even better than that…

…there’s the metal Sigilist figure:

And the final goal to get at 750 books sold is the new Sigilist Apprentice:

Which all told would cost more than the £10 you’re paying for the book itself.

What are you waiting for ? You can order these goodies here.

FG: The Genie in the Bottle

The second game of the day. I’d played this before with JP, but on that occasion, no Genie turned up.

This time I was deploying Lady Katherine (a change of tune for me).

I managed to cast a Reveal Secret spell, so had a treasure chest right in front of me.

The good Lady Teleported up to the entrance to the building – my minions ignored the chest in front of us to try and get to the other chests of treasure to maximise returns.

With the pesky Marksman Doozelbat had and a clear line of sight to one of the treasure chests, I had to deploy the inevitable Wall spell, allowing my archer to rush forward to collect it.

My Apprentice (BoB, short for Kate tom avoid confusion with Lady Katherine) moved off, leaving the archer to pick up the treasure chest and BING ! Yup, the `Genie turned up. So at this point it was an “Oh Bugger” moment as I fully expected the Genie to slay the archer.

Nice the Apothecary went to pick up the treasure on the half landing of the tips and POOF ! It disappeared – Fools Gold. Not happy !!

A Ranger had caught jump with Lady K, and went into combat with Barry the Bear who had climbed up to the edge of the first storey. The Ranger injured but did not kill the bear despite an Elemental Hammer being cast. So Lady K then had to wade in. (The bear, undercoated black is rather difficult to see in this photo)

Doozelbat’s Marksman took aim waiting for the combat to end in order to pick off Lady K, only to find that a Zombie triggered was lurching towards him.

meanwhile, top my surprise, my archer defeated the Genie – a magical dagger and a good roll were enough. Yes, as an Enchanter Lady K has buffed most of her minions with either magical weapons or armour.

My war hound dashed out to attack the K-Niggit, Jim rolled a 1 despite breaking open a new pack of dice to see if they were any luckier than his other ones. So the K-Niggit was wounded. Of course it didn’t last and the war hound was defeated the next round.

Doozelbat summoned an Imp behind my lines. As a result, I had to use a Push spell to move my Apothecary with treasure out of harm’s way.

Barry the bear defeated the Ranger, but was in turn slain by Lady K.

Lady K then picked up the treasure and made a break for it using teleport again. To land an inch away from the board edge, only to be struck down by Doozelbat with another roll of 20.

One of my treasure hunters was downed, and the second stepped in. But there were too many dozy minions loitering with intent to the away my treasure. So I sent the Captain in, as it happened taking on Doozelbat’s Apprentice.

Allowing the treasure hunter to escape.

Doozelbat’s Apprentice was struck down and apparently lost ~1,000GC worth of magic items.
How tragic.

So a qualified win for me.

I got away with three ordinary treasure chests, plus the fourth which was the one the Genie emerged from worth 300GC.

FG: The Wyrm Hunts

Another gaming session, with Byakhee Jim, who has been busy organising his collection of miniatures having been bitten by the frost grave bug (and being unattended for a w/e by any responsible adult).

Table set up as normal.

The Wyrm, being a Citadel/Ral Partha Jabberwocky repaired by Richard, and hurriedly based by me on the day – propped up some bottles of dreadful concoctions for flavouring coffee Jim had brought with him (no they weren’t alcoholic shots).

My Apprentice (Gideon) and supporting models raced towards a treasure chest.

Whilst Holbron Toddlebrew raced towards another, only for another archer to be struck down in the first turn with a natural 20 by Doozelbat’s apprentice.

The second archer seized the treasure whilst Hoblron took cover. The Treasure Hunter was sent forth to…hunt for treasure…

Doozelbat sent in a Possessed souped up knight, only to encounter Nice the Apothecary and the Captain, who promptly killed the Knight.

Unfortunately, skeletons turned up behind me !

Doozelbat displayed his leadership qualities, by hiding.

So far so good – UNTIL – Holbron was cut down by archers !
Losing your wizard early in the game reduces XP count and seriously cramps your style, even if you keep winning initiative as I did.

The Treasure Hunter closed in a treasure chest – only it turned out to be Fools Gold, leaving her standing in a shooting gallery. This time, Doozelbats Dozy minions failed to hit once.

But the Dozy minions had secured another treasure chest, which they raced to get off the board, only to find a Bear had turned up with an interest in matters.

Emboldened by success Doozelbat came out to try and bone dart one of my minions, failed and then was shot by Borin Hood the ranger – now both sides lacked their Wizard.

Carnage mounted – Nice the Apothecary went down to another Marksman quarrel.

And despite being pushed back by my Apprentice Gideon, Barry the Bear put Borin the Hood.

Mob Treasure Hunter tried to avoid the shooting gallery by moving in towards one of the dozy minions, won combat, and then got cut down.

I had two treasure chests off the table by now, the Cpatain had collected a third and it didn’t look like I’d get a fourth, so I backed off, only for the Bear which Doozelbats Apprentice had gained mastery of (Control Animal) tracked Gideon across the table and pounced, just at the same time the two remaining skeletons turned round and charged into combat in a three way melee (we chose to have one Skeleton against each of our models)

Finally the Wyrm/Jabberwocky turned up next two the last unclaimed treasure which Jim had been referring to as a ticking time bomb.

And charged Doozelbat’s Marksman. Who won combat and disengaged.

Allowing the apprentice to bone dart the creature to death !

Meanwhile, the bear had destroyed a skeleton, then my Gideon killed the bear, and then the skeleton, before making a quick escape !