FG: With Magnetic Force

Alan and my second game was this scenario from the Folio. We both used new Wizard’s so expected little and in Alan’s case got even less !

I was playing a Soothsayer, provisionally called Kenny, with his Apprentice – Craig (see below)

My enemy Silas Crow (where does Aloan think this names up from ?) cast an Imp first off, which had to be dealt with as my Ranger nabbed the first piece of loot.

My thug and Apprentice acquired the second piece of loot, that set off the giant magnets. Luckily as neither warband was wearing mail armour the effect was minimal even if it did stop us using our paltry magical powers.

Silas and minions move forward.

Another Imp is thrown at me, and is killed by archer and war hound, delaying me.

And then my archer was shot by Siulas’ archer !

Worse was to come, as my Apprentice (Craig) covered the escape of the thug with loot, he got int to a bit of a fracas.

Good job Kenny was on hand to zap the perpetrators and ensure that the thug got off with the loot.

Though the entire escape did require another thief to bite the dust. :-/

Overall I won, with more loot, and Alan’s comments about his new Wizard are unrepeatable.

next up, 3 games JP and I had which especially the third one “titanic”…

FG: The House of the Golem

The third and final scenario of the Golem campaign.

Alan and I had a gaming session and finished the campaign off, played on his newly fashioned white battle mat (courtesy of his wife Rita).

We also borrowed the Golem from Jon.

The enemy, clearly aiming to move in, and cross the bridge (RHS of photo).

Shazamm!’s minion raced forward only to be stymied by a Wall spell cutting the war hound of from his owners, poor mutt. You can guess what the puppy killers did next.

And then the Golem spotted my minions, and charged into combat. Luckily I had three in combat with the stone construct.

Meanwhile things kicked off in the middle of the table where the Golem had been.

M<y captain decked the Golem (shamefully both Aland and I forgot to roll to see if it exploded, as I often say, if we get it wrong, make sure we get it consistently wrong so no-one is disadvantaged).

Shazzam! – in combat with a zombie summoned by the enemy (Hashpot Dribbleweed).

All too easy !

But things weren’t all going my way…

Hashpot had a pyhrric victory, losing 3 minions to my two, but gaining the treasure.

The battle swung in Alan’s favour, with the Captain being downed by an Elemental bolt.

And then Marvo III was cut down similarly – he survived on the recovery roll.

Shazam! cut down another enemy, but it was too late to rescue much of the loot.

Alan’s Wizard conclusively won the battle with 4 items of loot to my two.At least I had no casualties.

Now on to the next battle with two new Wizards…

Brizzle gig 2018 06 01 Rookes and DIDI

Two new artists I am following did a double headlining tour with the Brizzle gig in Cafe Kino. (see later for gourmet restaurant critique)

Bouncy stage.

DIDI had not brought her band with her, so a one woman show, excellent stuff and I got to hear the “radio edit” of Back Off. Filmed it as well. Previously only heard the live version which uses a different four letter word.


I took a load of video footage but annoyingly used up all of Louis’ memory before that last two tracks which were quite different and very good.

Now I am going to go all Jay Rayner on you, I arrived early because I didn’t stop off at the m-way services for an over processed rubbish burger as this gig was beneath a vegan cafe. So I decided to sample their menu, and had one of the bean burgers.

As it happened I ended up with Richard and DIDI in the queue and DIDI and I had the same bean burger, It was LOVELY. And way cheaper than a Burger King thing.

The ingredients were being prepared as we watched, and the size of the burger was enormous as were the curly fries I had as a side dish.

So make sure if you go here for food that you are really hungry.

I had some organic cider which went down a treat and DIDI had some pink lemonade that really didn’t touch the sides either.

If you are after vegan, local, organic produce this is the place to go. Service was great and cheerful. I’m definitely a flexitarian but this burger beat hands down a withered offering from the usual suspects.

So whilst we were waiting for it to be served, DIDI unveiled her secret new limited edition EP she had had produced and will not be available in general circulation IIRC. So I bought a couple then and there, and she signed/doodled one for me.

As ever, go out and find new bands and artists and support them. You will probably find you get cool new stuff, cut rate tickets and a warm welcome that most large bands don’t offer to their anonymous punters.

Now to process the photos of Alan and my games last Saturday, as JP and I have a session lined up on Friday !

I’ve got my eye on you

Byakhee JP has been using Wizard’s Eye for his latest wizard, and so learning from this I decided to use it for my latest war band as well.

But of course this needs a bit of scenery, so I set to work to make it.

Large paper clip as the stand.Looks a bit wonky !

Not for much longer. My grandfather was an engineer so my father has his tools including this vice.

Better !

Painted black.

Downloaded several images of magical eyes from the interwebnet thingy.

Printed, and laminated with the back being painted black.

It works.

Could do better I think is the phrase.

Now that I have proved the concept I’ll work on a few more.

I’ve got Crabs

Calm down ladies, I have Crab-Men, giant ones.

From Alternative Armies.

They come as resin figures with the arms separate. I looked at them and thought I could glue them together, and then decided it’d be better if they were pinned and glued given the size and weight of the arms, so off they went to Byakhee Richard.

Very simple to paint.

Reminded me of a time when my grandparents took me down to Poole harbour where the extended family had fishing boats and they collected a box of crabs and drove back home. An open box, on the back seat next to me. And these weren’t the tiddlers you get on beaches but the full dinner plate sized jobs. ALIVE, and trying to get out, so I had to keep poking them back in to the box. As a 7 year old.

Another more animated one will be finished shortly.

Along with wading through two games’ worth of photos from Saturday that Alan and I did.

FG: More Ulterior Motives

The third game JP and I played-now shamefully over a week ago as I grind my way through a 100 or so photos.

Basic head to head, but with the Ulterior Motives cards used.

I drew the “Once Bitten” card…and JP drew the “Arcane Geyser”…which is apt as he is a geezer. Whilst he knew about the former, I didn’t know about the later.

The board.

The Werewolf in the middle next to a treasure and the red herring (rune stone).

The pit, maybe we were starting to get tired but I knew the this was the target of JP’s war band due to his deployed.

Shazzam!’s deployed war band.

JP’s (Aeon’s) war band.

Let’s get the treasure.
Err and try and cast some spells.

The enemy cowered behind the wall to avoid the Werewolf that ambled round gently.

My sturdy stalwarts got ready for a co-ordinated attack, having been buffed (NOT) for combat with the Werewolf.

My Captain seized a chance and attacked Aeon herself, badly wounding her, but was set upon by the minions and fell. Nice try.

Meanwhile my thug and tunnel fighter downed the Werewolf.

We then had a massive fight in the middle off the central room.

The Arcane Geyser erupted, blinding JP’s thief, but by this time Shazzam! and Marvo had left the board – they had cast a total of 2 spells in 5 rounds between them (SHAME !)

The combat in the central chamber ground on, JP losing his Captain and two more, to my two, so a, physic victory for me.

And I didn’t even get the central treasure.

A right caning for me, and as for the spell casters well less said the better.

Here is JP’s take on things.

Facing reality can be difficult