And so it begins – head to head

So Alan and I went head to head with our two new Wizards – Tipstaff and old Mother Parma

Good old Fog !

My figures were woefully unpainted (at least they were assembled I have many years ago played a game of Warhamster Skirmish where I was busy gluing them together in game !).

My ladies raced for the treasure – one in the top of the circular tower, and one in the central building (in yellow).

My Captain and X-bow lady got there, only to have a thug try and attack – he got an X-bow bolt in the face for his efforts.

But the warhound went down after a bit of dog on dog combat.

And the X-bow lady went down with an elemental bolt.

Elsewhere I was hunting down some thieving git who had half-hitched a treasure chest, but my ladies came under fire so progress was slow.

Old Mother Parma and the Apothecary stayed well out of harms way !

Unlike one of my archers who was shot down. But the second archer returned the favour.

Overall a narrow victory for Old Mother Parma.


I’m a big fan of Wizards having Captains, it adds another dimension to the war band and allows another character to develop.

So to this end I often run a new Captain through the “Alone in the Crypt” scenario from Issue 1 of Spellcaster magazine. It’s also a fun solo scenario in its own right.

Previously I’ve gone down the combat Captain route, but this time I’ve decided to go down a shorty Captain route – the scenario does after all give the Captain a magical quiver full of nice juicy magical arrows !

So Iw ent to town with the new plastic female warrior sprue ! And here she is (name TBC)

By playing this scenario, your Captain comes out with some goodies, and some XP – not enough to unbalance the games you play with others but enough to make him/her interesting from the get go – not just another grunt.

I always play the scenario once, if the Captain doesn’t get out alive…tough !

There are plenty of undead mobbing the Captain, and plenty of false exits (Archway courtesy of Midlam Miniatures).

On this occasion, and for the first time, my Captain managed to trash enough feeble undead to get over the 100XP mark, which is unusual.

So now to deploy her with the rest of Old Mother Parma’s warband.

Old Mother Parma

Ok, so it was a bit premature to say I’d be back regularly posting, in my defence I did not expect my Clerk to go off to Korea for a week (Her daughter intends to study Korean & Japanese as you do), nor did I expect to have to intervene in the Community Newsletter.

In the meantime, Alan and I have had 3 gaming sessions with two new Wizards…

AS described in the original “Blood on the Streets” scenario pack which had loads of the old Citadel card buildings accompanied with a scenario booklet about “The Riding”.

So I have the old figure of old Mother Parma so am building up a warband of exclusively female warriors now that North Star have released the plastic set – jolly nice stuff it is too.

So we’ll have to go back to January, when old Mother Parma and Ebenezer Tipstaff and his apprentice Canaan Sodindo Banana first encountered each other…

A New Start

One of the problems with Frostgrave or indeed any game that uses XP, is when people mix and match between opponents, so Alan and I started afresh with new Wizards,in my case Old Mother Parma based on the 1984 character in the Citadel “Blood on the Streets” supplement.

I built new war band from the new female warriors plastic kit by Northstar but utterly failed to paint them in time. Old Mother Parma was the original figure complete with hearing horn.

As a Witch – good old fog !

Whilst the Captain picked up the central treasure, my X-bowomen shot the enemy in the face.

This was a straight up head to head.

Meanwhile, elsewhere my warband was looting the place !

A bit of dogging. 😉

His war hound killed mine. 😦

More fog was conjured as Mother Parma’s ladie3s retreated from the field of battle.

But not before one last fracas with a wandering monster and the enemy !

End of Hiatus

Well I’ve been on a bit of a hiatus on the blog due to council related stuff.

The referendum has been won – 85% in favour of our neighbourhood plan.

The village hall committee have been removed and are being replaced.

I now have ~9 games to post. And another couple tomorrow planned.

Alone in the Crypt (again)

More than a month since I last posted, I have about 8 games stacked up to wade through photos which has been low on my to do list recently.

Here’s a quickie, the ever bright Alon in the Crypt starter for a Captain, which seeing as I have a game lined up tomorrow with a starting warband is an ideal way to ease me back in to things in the new year. (Warning unpainted miniature ahead !)

Usual set up – the scenario is in the magazine Spellcaster No.1

The Captain (Name yet to be assigned), built using the new female warriors plastics set from NorthStar which is an excellent set. MY only reservation is the larger backpack does make them look like Space marines ! Otherwise excellent and the sprue are much bigger then the earlier sets.

First enemy down, a slam dunk.

Ok having chewed her way through both starting armoured skeletons, two ordinary skeletons pounced on her. The dice gods were with me in combat but not in finding a way out.

More undead, and still no way out, at least the XP were racking up as I remained lucky with the combat rolls.

FrostWraith…this did not go so well, so the healing potion was used up as I still searched for an exit to the crypt, again XP racked up.

Arrrggghhhh, a ghoul and a second FrostWraith now, both dispatched, but still the exit remained elusive.

It was only on the sixth door I found the way out.

125XP later, my captain escaped.

So at least I have an experienced Captain to field tomorrow at Wykeham Towers which is full of woes (AAR to come).

This is also the first time I have used a Captain with a bow and an increased shooting stat so we shall see how this goes.

Using the female warriors kit I have roughly built an all female warband which will be a change. More photos to follow.

FG: Loot the Cart (II)

A game played over a month ago with Alan as part of the Thaw of the Lichee Lord campaign.

I painted up some cultists double quick.

We got stuck in straight away, Kenny & Craig proving to be as useless as ever !

The cultists I’d painted up[ died almost immediately – typical !

Craig had a pop at Alan’s wizard but failed to land a blow.

Mayhem erupted around the now unguarded cart as both war bands attempted to retrieve THEIR treasure.

Many casualties ensued – mostly on my side. 😦

But then a wandering Ghoul and a summoned Imp went out of control and started chewing up Alan’s troops. Oh dear, how I cried.

We had to roll for another wandering monster, and got a Snow leopard. Alan was chuffed as he had spent time painting one. Pity it turned up behind his war band and he shot it with an archer in one round so it did the square root of bugger all !!