Lockdown reading – more and less

Latest reading:

The latest RoSD supplement, which looks like good fun – about to start it this week.

have worked my way through all the others bar Incinerator, as I’ve not managed to lose a Ranger yet ! (Fatal last words)

Least favourite was Temple of Madness which was a slog fest – needs more clues, ideas and treasure.

Really enjoyed Ghost Stone which has got me building and starting to paint Gnolls at long last.

Less reading – The Miniatures Page (TMP), whose regulars finally drove me out with overt alt-right American centric politics and comments. Shame, it was once very useful.

3 Responses to Lockdown reading – more and less

  1. ruarigh says:

    I’m glad to hear the supplements are good. I’ve only recently bought RoSD and am looking forward to playing it in 15mm if I can ever find the time to set it up and play.

    Know what you mean about TMP. I left years ago for precisely that reason, although I also found many of the ‘historical’ discussions annoying when they touched on things I actually know.

    • I’ve been doing my adventures as a pen and paper exercise as nearly all of my relevant scenery is in storage – hence no photos.

      I’ve found that RoSD is much more similar to good old D&D.

      Ghost Stone is a very valuable addition as it has a full range of different magical weapons and so on which is card driven, so it brings another level of customisation to your Ranger and their companions.

      Hope you are keeping well !

      • ruarigh says:

        That’s good to know. I have the figures and terrain all painted and ready to deploy for the first mission, and the unpainted figures for the second mission waiting in the wings. Problem is that I am far too busy lately, so I have not had the time and energy to set it up and play. If all goes well with that, I plan to get the other supplements and play through. Ghost Stone is now high on the list because of what you say.

        I’m doing ok, but impatiently waiting for the flights to Norway to restart so that I can complete my Brexodus that I began in March. Or am I going into Brexile? Other than that, the lockdown has barely affected me, because I have been mostly working from home for several years now.

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