Lockdown Foamboard Fun (3)

Now the carcass is clad in balsa wood, time for some paint.

In particular, textured masonry paint. Makes the foam board and all else feel like concrete which is great for transport.

Importantly, it also means that the foam is covered up, as when you come to spray it, the sprays will melt the foam if it is unprotected. So make sure all the edges are covered with paint before spraying.

It also covers up a host of imperfections and nooks and crannies.

Like so.

So after a couple of hours drying time for some…


Paint the underside of the card base, so that it does not warp.

Spray paint the rest…BLACK…

Now for some block painting.

That’s as far as the paint drying got me today (and light permitting).

Tomorrow, the final touches, of highlights, and some paving.

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