AVBCW: 2015 10 17 – Part Two


Just when I didn’t want to get bogged down again, my tank bogged down again – right in the flipping gateway – delaying for another round the accompanying infantry. The command section hopped over the hedge, but the HMG unit failed their Jump test asnd kicked their heels for the round.

So two infantry sections and one HMG had reached the river at last – minus the tank and the third section and second HMG (actually, it was compromised – a random event card had resulted in them only being able to fire every other round).

Richard’s tank was now on the bridge, but under fire from everything Rita & Clive’s Anglicans could throw at it…which was quite a lot and the crew had failed their nerve test and become JUmpy. More BUF infantry were also lost as the last rockets were fired.

But that did allow the cavalry room to come on without for of being obliterated immediately.

As a result, the two BUF platoons were being fed in piecemeal against the enemy, so after lunch things were not looking good as we had failed to establish a bridgehead on the other side of the river, and there was a feeling of deja vu.

To make matters worse, Clive pushed a section forward opposite me and started shooting.

The massed Anglican firepower, which was out of range of our mortars, HMGs and tank guns.

this left Alan in the lurch as Rita’s Anglican firing poured their undivided fire into his school girls. There were mentions of who was driving home, that were countered by mention of who was cooking tea that evening !

All in good fun.

And then the BUF got a bit of luck and…

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