AVBCW: 2015 10 17 – Alan & Rita’s Photos

Alan & Rita are two of our new recruits:

‘Dear Sirs,
My lads and I were shocked at the calumnious imputations in certain quarters that we are in any way violent or dishonest. We are a peace-loving local residents association (the razors we carry are purely for personal hygiene), and abhor violence, but feel it our duty to fight for our rightful king, God bless him.

If, in the course of our military duties, we happen upon any trinkets lost, mislaid or abandoned we consider it our Christian duty to take them into our safekeeping until such time as they may be reunited with their rightful owners ( upon payment of a suitable fee for handling, warehousing, administration, etc, naturally). Should this prove impossible in a reasonable time (say 24 hours) we would dispose of said items through certain outlets known to us, and any financial accruals resulting therefrom would be used for charitable works in the Gas Street neighbourhood.

I hope this sets the record straight (else the boys might come knocking !).
Yours faithfully,
Frederick Lightfinger,
Lieutenant, commanding Gas Street Irregulars.

Here are their photos.

They were playing on the same table as myself – in fact it was Rita’s first Wargame.

Alan’s crack 6th Form girls advance through a field.

Whilst Rita’s forces formed a gun line to shoot them down.

Clive’s Anglican forces of the FALSE Bishop of Ludlow. 😉

Having looted the cottage, Alan’s Royalists join the BUF advance on the village.

A close up of the Royalists and BUF, their pockets bulging with looted items, their faces bulging with looted food.

Let loose the dogs of war !
(Hope they come with pooper-scoopers)

Alan’s Royalists cross the river, get shot up by Rita’s Anglicans and end up “Jumpy”.

Run for the trees !
The surviving HQ section and 6th Formers head for the trees.

here’s the point where Captain’ Arrowsmith’s tank, reversing back over the bridge (parapet) was attacked by Anglican infantry, only for the BUF infantry to chuck some grenades to drive them off – one of the few times grenades have been used in a Big Game. Hmmm….

Thanks to Alan for these photos – hopefully he did get an evening meal…we think he did as Rita won the firefight… 😉

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