Mordheim: Hunters in the Dark 3

So Jim and I played a second game.

A straight up brawl, and both of us had hired an Ogre bodyguard.

Jim threw his Ogre straight in my gang’s face, against my swordsman and champion – unfortunately for him, they survived and even wounded the Ogre.

Whilst my Ogre on the flank, took out one of his gang.

Sprinting round his other flank, my gang was doing the clasic pincer movement.

Leaving his gang in the middle surrounded, where I picked them off with some good shots.

Having lost 25% of his gang, being surrounded, and being short of time Jim bottled it.

Despote having played the game for over a decade, we still found little tweaks to the rules we had either not known about or had forgotten.

One Response to Mordheim: Hunters in the Dark 3

  1. It’s always nice to be playing a game for years and to still be learning new ways to do things that make you look at the rules again.

    Looks like this was a great game 🙂 And very cool table! Love to see some densely packed scenery.

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