AVBCW: 2015 10 17 – Part One

Ok, here is the table I was playhing on – there were two other tables but I had little time to understand their dynamics so will post on those later – the actions of 15 players is rather complex !

the all important bridge over the Wye – we (BUF & Royalists) need to capture this or at least prevent the rebel scum from securing it.

Rich was playing his infamous Captain Arrowsmith BUF, I was playing BUF, and newcomer Alan was playing allied Royalists & BUF (Major Miles Strait-Jacket). Our plan was to assault across the river (low because it was summer) whilst pushing Capatain Arrowsmith’s pride and joy across the river. That’s a tank !

By remarkable c0-incidence, Alan’s wife, Rita, in her first wargame, faced off against him, with a load of Anglicans. I’d already tried charming her by lending her a mortar from my figure collection – to no avail. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Alan deployed the 6th Form hockey team, which he later admitted to having mostly named each model – Rita I don’t think was best impressed. The hockey team did however end up particularly stubborn in the game.

The BUF & Allies moved forward, or rather most of them, typically I rolled a 1 for my tank and as it was off road, it bogged down. Naturally. And it also held up the unit of infantry assigned to support it.

Meanwhile Captain Arrowsmith’s forces surged forward along with Alan’s thugs who decided to loot the cottage as they were….thugs…wasting a round for that unit.

Rita’s Anglicans, in the face of this awesome military advance, awaited behind a hedge line in a sensible firing line.

Whilst Clive’s Anglican’s under the Bishop of Ludlow, loitered behind the barn, and readied their awesome rocket launchers, hoping for a better outcome than in the last game.

(NB: Clive admitted that the Bishop of Ludlow had not been created as a See in 1938, but as it was an alternate reality we can bend the truth…but that won’t stop certain commentators decrying his authority and position will it ? ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

The Anglican line facing the BUF. As Genial Jim had had to drop out at short notice JP provided some extras to the Anglicans, and we decided to treat them all as “Trained”.

Woosh !

The first blood was to the Bishop of Ludlow’s rockets as they hit the advancing BUF infantry of Captain Arrowsmith, and tyook out about 8 troops. That was the first salvo.

Meanwhile, Alan’s forces on the Fascist right wing (!), advanced across the fields to the river.

By now some of my troops were reaching the river bank.

More to follow.

2 Responses to AVBCW: 2015 10 17 – Part One

  1. Panzerkaput says:

    What a good looking game chap and I cant wait to see more of it.

  2. velodoug says:

    Interesting report of one of the supporting games. A trained mind can discern some of the truth amongst the BUF hyperbole. Look forward to more.
    Sir G

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