AVBCW: 2015 10 17 – And the last but not least table

Random photos from the third table: Dorstone. (NB: Two links to other better write up’s are at the bottom of this post)

Basic layout.

Royalists under the command of Rob come to the rescue of the defenders of the village.

Beseiged as they are by Sir Gilbert’s dodgy underlings including some bent coppers.

The centre of Dostone, apparently there was much running around as the attackers closed in, and it was unclear on which table edge the rescuers were coming from initially.

Fighting intensifies as Sir Gilbert’s mob close in on the hastily erected barricades of the defenders.

Royalists under Rob mass on the edge of the table to move in for the rescue.

Whilst at the other end of the village the Anarchists move in, controlled by Matt.

More detailed and coherent write ups can be found at these well dodgy sites:

JP’s Herefordshire 1938


Sir Gilbert’s View from the Hill

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