FG: The Dark Cauldron

Second scenario…picking up where we left off in Thaw of the Lichee Lord.

So here we go Cultists and the dark cauldron, AKA Alan’s paint brush pot !

So I rushed the cauldron whilst using telekinesis to hike the treasure. I wasn’t sure whether I’d destroy the cauldron or keep it.

Lots of combat !

REinsesoap has a grudge against my Marksman – so shot her twice….

Well for 25XP I upended the cauldr5on to prevent any more Zombies turning up.

Minions on the other side take down another cultist.

Unfortunately their boss, Rinseoap, got a bone dart in the head – a natural 20 rolled. Wizard down.

Amnd then my war hound killed his war hound.

And another cultists downed by my opposition that had held them up.

Mansplainmming Rinsesoap’s Captaion destroyed the cauldron to prevent me from claiming it, only to leave him exposed (in more ways than one).

But a bone dart, means a boner is lost… 😉

But then I got carried away and my apprentice got an arrow in the face in return.

Overall I won, but …

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