FG: The Ice Palace

This year’s pathetic resolution is to write games up as they happen…so Alan and I had two games yesterday, the first of which was The Ice Palace from The Wizard’s Conclave book which we are working through.

First out for Henrietta Quaadaloop as a new wizard in her own right (see the main rule book for how).

Three tables, 3×3…



Great minds thinking alike, Aland and I deployed our warband on the tables in almost the exact same manner – Wizard on 3×3′ table, Apprentice on 2×2′, and Captain on 1×1′ table !

First turn, and my (unnamed) apprentice rolled a 1, and crashed through the floor onto the 3×3′ – no name for her as I’d only just built her using the new plastics set of fame wizards ! So now my mid tier table had no spell caster.

So with judicious use of telegenic, Rinsesoap (Alan) had then upper hand and I wasn’t going to get either of the two treasures on the mid floor.

Two skeletons turned up on the lower floor – the first of many monsters.

And two more on the upper floor which were taken out by my war hound, and markswoman.

Whilst Rinseoap’s Captain finished off a Zombie at the same time.

On the lower floor I used Leap top get my treasure hunter out of harms way and next to one of the exits, which was just as well because…

..because the Ranger got mobbed by Rinseoap’s minions and went down.

Meanwhile Henrietta danced around out in the open because she’d managed to cast Invisibility on herself.

Meanwhile the apprentice joined up with the top tier group running downstairs and encouraged them (group activation. to RUN AWAY.

As were Rinsoap’s minions – again great minds think alike – wee had the loot now get out !

A complex scenario we expected to be more complex, turned into a equal result with 3 treasures each and only one person falling through the floor.

Which gave us ample time to move onto the next scenario picking up from where we had ended in Thaw of the Lichee Lord.

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