FG: The Bone Wheel

Alan and I continued the Thaw of the Liche Lord campaign, with this scenario, the penultimate scenario.

Starting in the corners, we were faced by a banshee each.

The enemy !

Of course, having painted up the second banshee, I promptly killed it in the first turn, and Alan (Hashpot) did the same with his, as we now both tooled up to deal with the undead.

Then we both steadily looted the bone wheel. Hashpot was clever and used telegenic to remove the loot as it slowly turned to me so I had to make a few “leaps” of imagination to collect my fair share.

But then the wandering monsters turned up, right be=hind Hashpot…

And then his apprentice !

So a brief scuffle with Hashpot being saved by an archer.

Henrietta’s minions collect and flee with the treasure, but wait…

There’s 25xp for examining the bone wheel to be leapt at.

As did Hashpot !

A good game, with dashpot winning due to a reveal secret spell to gain the extra treasure. Henrietta’s first outing went well.

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