Frost Fayre 2019 Morning

Four of us staged the latest frost Fairy – diminished due to drop outs and illness, nonetheless we had a good time.

Two table with two players on each.

Table 1 – Alan and Brendan (Hashpot Dribbleweed and Beagoo, respectively).

Table 2 – Rob and myself (Pwl Dan-y-Uls and Rassilon, respectively).

Rassilon’s band rushed into the centre to claim the treasure after picking up some easy pickings, despite failing to cast Raise Zombie, or Reveal Secret.

A well placed Sigil blew up the war hound however.

The easy pickings were dragged off the table.

As did Pwl with his easy pickings.

Another well placed explosive rune ! Between Rassilon and his apprentice ! Rob was getting the hang of this and came armed with small change.

So we had a set to about one of the other treasures, first down Pwl’s war hound.

And then a ranger down.

And another one down ! My treasure hunter was doing well.

Rob learnt the lesson about Group Activation.

But that wasn’t enough to stop Pwl blasting my thug an inch before getting off the board.

And then blasting Rassilonm, as the Treasure Hunter swooped in to hump the treasure off the table.

A physic victory for me.

Meanwhile on the other table, Alan and Brendan had a very one sided battle going on.

And then it was found that Brendan was using a d20, that only ran 1-10, so it was no wonder he couldn’t roll in double figures DOH !

Which allowed Aland to get away with a lot of loot !

Armed with a proper d20, Brendan did manage to even the odds bit.

Not least by using Control Animal, on Alan’s Bear which made a difference in the swirling melee.

So Rob and Brendan as relative newcomers came off worse to the seasoned Alan and myself – we’ll get them there.

next up – game 2 when awe swapped tables.

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