Frost Fayre 2019 Afternoon

For the afternoon, Rob and Brendan swapped sparring partners.

Brendan rolled for scenario and we came up with The Keep, so we placed the four magical discs of teleportation…

On Table 1, Aland and Rob went for a head to head again (I think).

Rassilon took his chance and stepped on to one of the magical discs and was zipped off to the other side of my own board (phew !).

Mud !

The thug picked up some treasure. So now he was at half move due to carrying treasure, and half of that due to Mud ! An excellent way of slowing down your opponent from getting treasure off the board. Kudos to Brendan for having the template printed out.

Next, Brendan moved his Barbarian onto a disc, and it popped up next to m.

Unfortunately, right in front of Rassilon and the apprentice who promptly blew him away in a hail of bone darts.

But that didn’t stop Rob’s Witch bregoo, casting loads more Mud spells, and kudos to him, he had even more mud templates printed out !

Mud, mud, glorious mud !!

On the other flank, my Templar caught an enemy in a co-ordinated attack – still not using Group Activatrion.

And another one went down, but with a judicious Leap spell, the third enemy carrying the treasure got away !


Alan and Rob were having a right kick off.

Alan’s thug hauled off an easy win.

Walls were being magicked up to protect downed wizards and bears.

And bears were also used to feed off wandering monsters.

From our table what we heard was:-

Sounded like 20-20-20-20-20…20……20… have another 20… for a while from tother table.

So we’re up for another game in February now the appetite has been whetted.

One Response to Frost Fayre 2019 Afternoon

  1. Byakhee Rich says:

    Great to see new players getting involved, especially those who bring their own spell templates and their own dice (correct ones would be even better! đŸ˜‰ )

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