Xmashammer 2016 – The Hidden Necropolis

Third scenario, and I was playing.

Very few photos, as I was again catering, which is a major distraction from actually playing.

Again small forces deployed, to fight over a ruined house.

One Mortis Engine, and five Hexwriths supported by a banshee and Cairn Wraith.

The Looney-Ark and various Empire moved forward straight through the cemetery – as ever the WHFB rules don’t seem to make any difference moving over scenery. (Hmm, what is that call…Oldhammer ? Sanity ??)

WE finally clashed along the wall and the Hexwraiths were shot down by gunners before the Mortis engine was destroyed.

Quite a short game, the dice were not with us.

This meant the White Wizards would join up with the other Empire forces in the fourth and final scenario…

One Response to Xmashammer 2016 – The Hidden Necropolis

  1. Gavin Arnett says:

    The battle of the Necropolis basically boiled down a sudden death roll of the dice, with Anthony pulling off the almost impossible feat of (needing yet achieving) three sixes (out of five dice) for saving throws in order not to lose the game. The dice were with the living! Gav

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