FG: Mating Season

The second game Jon and I played, again as part of the Into the Breeding Pits campaign which we hope to finish off tomorrow whilst avoiding a certain event…

A standard dungeon layout.

Shazzam! had conjured a Fool’s Gold but not a Reveal Secret. I split my war band into two to go after the treasure and also to avoid the beasties that were due to turn up.

A tactic that Jon had also decided upon.

The Devourers whilst nominally placid could be decidedly nasty.

First treasure picked up by yours truely, resulted in some ice spiders, which were duly dropped in front of Jon’s war band as reWenge for the previous game where he got to place all the wandering monsters.

Sadly, he also got some treasure and a Violent Fungiman popped up, and both my thug and Captain failed their Will rolls, so despite killing the fungi man, ended up counted as wounded. Good job I had a heal spell and a Wand of mending then !

Cheers said my master thief as he picked up and half hinted another treasure chest.

The Devourers arrive !

Everyone scattered for cover.

Well those not fighting ice spiders.

Or my Treasure Hunter who again died ignominiously with a single shot from Jon’s archer.

Two giant rats turned up as wandering monsters, usually inconsequential but…

…not when they bite the Apprentice to death – yup the second Apprentice to die that day.

Meanwhile my Captain having been healed took a chance and took on a war hound and thug, dishing one straight away but the hound proved a tougher challenge.

For a bit.

By now, most of the war band members were heading for the exits before the devourers got riled up.

Well apart from one infantryman that bizarrely walked right in front of them….

Three treasures a piece, but I claim moral victory as this time round I didn’t lose my Apprentice.

Here is Jon’s take on events.

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