FG: Here comes the flood

After an aborted attempt a couple of weeks ago, JP and I finally got together and had a couple of games, the first being Here Comes the Flood, the next scenario from “Into the Breeding Pits” which we are working through.

JP had done up some sewers for the game (see here) in preparation.

Having deployed, my war band headed for the nearest treasures, only for one group to be ambushed by a Vaplorhine (monkey demon). Jon rolling for the enemy promptly rolled a 20 and down went my treasure hunter.

Fortunately, my thug dealt with the interloper and the treasure was seized.

Over on the other side…the Tunnel Fighter seized another treasure, before the war hound was zapped by an Elemental Bolt.

So by this time, with the benefit of Reveal Secret I had accrued 3 treasures, so it was going well.

But danger was coming – my Master Thief was after a fourth treasure chest but JP’s minions were closing in angry about the Fool’s Gold I’d lured them in to trying to snag.


Now in this scenario, at the beginning of round four, a trap is usually sprung, with the entire board being deluged with water, as per a Push spell.

Guess what, I rolled and it was sprung.

The side of the table the water comes from is randomised.

So I rolled and the deluge came from behind me so my entire war band was washed away straight into the rather unloving arms of JP’s war band who also got a good soaking.

I’d lost half of my treasure, received loads of wounds and ended up in the enemy’s area.

Shazzam was one not washed away, and with the Tunnel Fighter was aiming to get out of Dodge City, only for skeletons to turn up behind me (thanks JP).

By this point I had lost more than half of my war band as Jp’s evil sorcerer’s minion set about them. I’d lost most of my treasure, the only hope was to nick some from him.

So whilst my Captain and a thug set about an infantryman for a treasure, my Apothecary tried to slow don any support arriving – she died in the process.

Meanwhile on the far side of the board my Master Thief, collected a treasure, got zapped by an Elemental Bolt and then killed two Ice Spiders, before waltzing off the board.

With the infantryman defeated, my Captain and thug were ready to vamous, only for JP to set cup aWizard’s eye in order to try yet another Elemental Bolt. No way Jose, my two scuttled off the board.

Overall, the entire game hinged on a single roll I made as to where the deluge came in, and the dice roll was against me, turning up as it did behind me washing my war band away.

The cost was my Apprentice had a permanent injury (smashed jaw) so was urged to seek employment elsewhere, the Apothecary died, as did a thief. Rather than 4 treasures I only came away with three.

Replacing an Apprentice is expensive and I was down to 5GC.

At the time it wasn’t funny but with hindsight it was fun !

Now the tabled were turned in the next game…

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