GA: 2018 04 02

A shamefuly long silence due to ennui and lack of time. Plus simply not wanting to wade through three dozen photos, but here is Jim and my game from the beginning of last month.

Head to head. Jim was shorter of time than anticipated, and I lack the specialised scenery for many of the other scenarios. 😦

My war band, mostly.

First random encounter – large lizard.

The enemy advance, trying to climb up to one of the treasures atop the rock pile.

I moved in on the next piece of treasure and last game’s man of the match dealt with the large lizard – really must paint this guy !

The race to the central treasure (in the pagoda) begins to hot up.

A snapping turtle is the next random encounter, ironic as Jim has tortoises (they smoked out his house one time).

And yet another, this time a tribal warrior – the LE test piece from the nick starter.

More ! More tribal warriors and skeletons. yes Jim had cast the same summon beast spell.

Hedge of thorns to slow the enemy down.

Man of the match down – to the turtle !

Kick off in the middle of the table, both Warden and Heritor (metal) involved in the fighting.

The final insult, a giant snake got one of my crewmen as he lugged treasure off the table.

These random beasties were wearing my crew down big time.

Last stand of Vicky my Heritor.

Good game even if I did “lose”, the random beasties spell is very powerful.

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