FG: Out of Time – Part Three

Ok, now the final instalment off our games session. (helps to have a functioning shiny new iMac after my laptop died)

Here’s Alan’s take:

Using Hashpot Dribbleweedson (Necromancer level 5), as reached after the first Frostfayre 2019 game, along with his Apprentice Flaccidus Miniwinkelson.

Game 1 – The Silent Tower v JP & Glyn

Cast Animal Companion to swap Thug for Bear. Raised Zombie.
One treasure worth 3 rolls in central tower, plus six more around table. Towers immune to magic.

Two treasures gained by Telekinesis.
Much use of Wall spell to protect from enemies, and block off JP’s band from Tower.

Bear, Zombie, Treasure Hunter, Archer killed, but all survived post-game.
Hashpot wounded but got onto Tower to get XP.

Note – Alan, JP and I *all* forgot our wall pieces of scenery, so they improvised laying pencils down for the walls !

Two of JP’s warband reached treasure first but Treasure Hunter and Archer followed them up and killed them. Treasure Hunter was Bone Darted by JP’s Wizard, and Archer was shot by JP’s marksman as he went to drop treasure to his companions below.
JP sent Barbarian onto Tower walkway, Flaccidus used Horn of Destruction to collapse walkway, but Barbarian turned out to be an Imaginery Soldier.

Two of Glyn’s men reached treasure but Hashpot used Leap Spell to get second Treasure Hunter and Archer over wall to meet and kill them as they climbed down.
Infantryman and Archer moved up while Glyn’s man drove off JP’s man in fight over treasure. Infantryman then killed Glyn’s Thug to claim Treasure.
Glyn’s Wizard was downed by one of Hashpot’s Archers.

Got 4 treasures , including the one on the Silent Tower which was worth three rolls on the treasure table, gaining 460 gold, Grimoires for Heal (Thaumaturge 8+6) and Fleet Feet (Chronomancer 10 + 2), and scrolls for Bones of the Earth & Create Grimoire.

Game 2 – Out of Time v Glyn and Rob

Three crystals guarded by Chronohounds were placed around the table with another in the centre. Players had only two minutes to decide their actions each phase, although this did not prove a problem. Each player also placed one treasure chest.

Hashpot cast Animal Companion to replace a Thug with a Bear, but failed to raise a Zombie.

Each player quickly grabbed a treasure chest and despatched the nearest crystals, leaving the centre one up for grabs. Hashpot’s men reached it first after using Wall spells to block off the others, and easily destroyed it. Glyn’s Apprentice managed to die after failing a spell while at Health level 1.

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