FG: Sky Galleon

Latest project finished, a Sky Galleon. Loosely based on the Sky Gondola in the Maze of Malcor. I bought the Blotz Plateau Martian Prowler.

Little bit bigger than expected but an excellent item.

MDF kit with plastic wings and stand., not bad for £12.

The finished item, with old Citadel figures for size. You can fit a lot more than the four figures in the rules…so I’m calling it a Galleon.

I decided not to glue the galleon to the stand, simply for transport and storage purposes. The fit is fairly robust so should be good for gaming purposes.

I only used one wing on each side, as when I fitted three wings, the width was more than 9″ which is not much good for navigating the ruins of a city, and hey, they are actually magical anyway.

The stand is also 5.5″ high, so I think I’ll have to propose some special rules for this beast:

– up to 6 crew
– may fly up to 6″ above ground
– ascending or descending costs double movement
– may only be attacked when at 1″ above ground
– crew may only disembark at 2″ without falling penalty
– crew may only embark at 1″.

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