FG: Out of Time – Part Two

So we’re holding a Frostgrave event on a leap year day….time to wheel out some whacky TIME related stuff. I used the “Dog Days” scenario in perilous Dark supplement as a starting point. You’ll get the Chthuhlu references….and wrote my own scenario “Out of Time v1.1“.

The Yellow table. (Alan, Brendan, Rob)

I bought some of Gale FGorce 9’s crystals, which are bit bigger than described in the Dog Days scenario, hence the special rules.

The Purple table. (Jon, Gavin, me) (Play Loud, Play Purple – The March Violets).

I’d also splashed out on GF9 ruins – enabled by making my bank cough up for back dated insurance overpayments and HMRC coughing up owed money. 😉

Chronhounds, one by each time crystal.

Jon started off casting a Wizard Eye, using his groovy scenery piece.

I’d finally managed to summon a Zombie – first time ever for Rassilon I think.

My lot of Treasure Hunters promptly surged forward and dispatched the Chronohound, which then emerged behind Jon’s flank in the corner and attacked.

This gave my team time to break the crystal.

Gav’s wizard came under attack as well by a chronohound holding him up.

As did his second team !

Having spent several rounds “killing” them, unfortunately for Gav, they manifested right behind him again.

More bad news, Gam’s Captain went down…these crystals are bad news it seems.

Jon and I clashed.

Casualties all round.

In the meantime, as Jon and Gavin were busy fighting chronohounds behind them, I pushed forward a treasure hunter and thug to claim the central crystal as mine.

As time was literally running out, Jon and Gavin conceded.

The egg timers were a nice gimmick, that added a bit more tension to the game I think, the chronohounds proved very dangerous, and slowed down my opponents with some lucky dice rolls by me (and unlucky by them), by turning up behind them.

Next post will be of the other two tables’ and their events.

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